Russell Westbrook returns to Oklahoma City


Russel Westbrook returned to Oklahoma City. Although the book of Westbrook as a Thunder player has been written and published.  This publication contains all the points,triple-doubles, and highlight dunks that have been put in the record books. Russel Westbrook returns to Oklahoma City as an opponent

Last night represented a new chapter for both Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder. The theatrical Westbrook takes center stage. How appropriate. He always seems to make things about himself. I’m kidding of course. Westbrook is one of a kind.

Russell Westbrook trade

During the summer Sam Presti made a tough decision. A decision that changed the course of this franchise. He traded Russell Westbrook to the Rockets. In return, the Thunder received Chris Paul and picks.

This seems like this really is not that big of a deal. I mean players get traded all the time. Well, it is. Westbrook was drafted by Oklahoma City Thunder. He spent 11 years here. Moreover, he was the face of this franchise once Kevin Durant left.

Now, after being traded to the Rockets he is coming back home for the first time. His familiar routine of entering the Chesapeake Arena has changed.  The faces may be familiar, but he is now a guest. He is guest in this arena now. Even though he single-handedly put OKC on the map by playing his ass off. Now he is playing against this organization.

Westbrook historic numbers

For 821 games Westbrook had the words the Thunder written on his chest. During his time here he did some pretty extraordinary things. By extraordinary I mean historic. Some very historic things happened in the Chesapeake Arena while Westbrook wore number zero for Oklahoma City.

Russell Westbrook historic numbers

Westbrook did some pretty fantastic things when he played here. One record that Westbrook broke was Oscar Robertson’s triple-double record. Westbrook destroyed that single-season triple-double record. That’s right he averaged a triple-double for 44 games in one season. In addition to this, he is actually ranked second all-time in triple-doubles with 144. Westbrook is behind Oscar Robertson who has 181. Furthermore, Westbrook has the record for most consecutive triple-doubles with 11 in a row.

Also with that in mind, if Westbrook ever notches a triple-double against his former team he will accomplish this feat.

That would be just like Westbrook to check this last thing off of his to-do list.

Other notable stats

Along with all the triple-double accolades in the book Russell Westbrook has accomplished a lot in his career. He has won the MVP once. Has been selected to the All-Star game eight times. Westbrook also leads the Oklahoma City Franchise in points with 18,889 and many other offensive categories. Such as field goals made and field goal attempts. Which really should be a surprise to anyone.

In conclusion, one can say that Russell Westbrook is Mr. Thunder. He has been the face of this franchise since he was drafted in 2008. Westbrook plays with swag and flair that is truly unique. I would like to say thank you, Russell Westbrook, for always being entertaining and playing for the thunder with incredible flare.

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