Heat Meltdown in Brooklyn on a Friday Night

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Miami led by 12 at halftime, and led by 109-100 with just over 5 minutes to go. Jimmy Butler scored to put the Heat up 9, then in-came the meltdown. Brooklyn ended the game on a 17-4 run to win 117-113 and snap their 7-game losing streak. Miami moves to 27-11 as Brooklyn pushes to 17-20 and 7-0 on Friday’s. Miami’s road woes also continue to show from this game.

5 Minute Meltdown

Miami led by 9, they lost by 4. All this happened in a matter of 5 minutes and with Jimmy Butler only taking one shot, to get the Heat within one at the time. This, well, is classic Miami Heat basketball. A 12-point lead at halftime at the Heat blew the lead. Instead of taking over in the 4th, the Heat blew this one even more. The Heat made some crucial mistakes in those last 5 minutes that blew the game for them.

Meltdown on Both Sides

While Miami was up 9 heading into those last 5 minutes, nothing about it was must-see TV. Goran Dragic forced some bad shots up and made two crucial turnovers. Jimmy Butler, who had 29 before the last 5 minutes, took ONE shot down the stretch. And, to add insult to injury, Joe Harris was grabbing offensive rebounds over Derrick Jones Jr. and Bam Adebayo. You can point figures all you want, but this was an entire team effort, top to bottom.But, hats off to Brooklyn for clawing out this win at the hands of defeat.

There is Always Good

Even in a loss, you can take some positives out from a game. After Winslow, finally played in Wednesday’s game vs the Pacers he missed last night’s. BAD. However, in his absence JJ was given his minutes. Frankly, he needs more of them. He is fresh legs, plays with high energy, can shoot at a high clip and can also defend pretty well. He can attack and has shown good signs in the last 2 games he has played. GOOD. Also, good was how dominant of a duo Bam and Butler can be. In the first half, they combined for 35 points on 12 of 16 shooting. Can you say all-star duo? The Heat loss sucks, yes, however, with all bad you have to take some good.

Let’s Look at the Bad


We went over the 4th quarter last 5 minute meltdown, but to be quite honest the Heat lost this game in the 3rd quarter. They came out flat and lost the battle of the quarter 32-20 which allowed for a tie game at the end of three after a halftime lead of 12. Going back to the bad, were some of the decision makings down the stretch. First off, was the shock of the 2-3 zone that the Nets switched into late. After picking it apart in the 1st half, it caused for some trouble down the stretch. Next, was some passes that were made that did not to be made. Lastly, was the three-point shooting. You live and die by the three ball, and the Heat shot 24% last night.

Key Stats

  • Jimmy Butler – 33 points, 9 rebounds (12/18 shooting, 9/9 FT)
  • Bam Adebayo – 22 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals (10/13 shooting)
  • Goran Dragic – 17 points, 5 assists (5/13 shooting, 2/7 from three)
  • Spencer Dinwiddie – 26 points, 14 assists (10/19 shooting
  • Taurean Prince – 17 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists (8/17 shooting, 1/10 from three)
  • Rodions Kurucs – 19 points, 3 rebounds (7/9 shooting, 4/5 from three)

The Heat had things flowing in the 1st half, the Nets had it flowing in the 2nd. It truly is a 2 half sport and it showed tonight.

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