The Most Ridiculous Baseball Stats of All Time

Baseball Stats

There are plenty of baseball stats that are hard to believe. Barry Bonds, Tony Gwynn, and Greg Maddux are some names that come to mind when it comes to ridiculous statistics, but there are plenty of others. I am here to recognize some of the more mind boggling statistics that have happened in baseball history.

Barry Bonds’s 2004 Season

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Intentional Walks

If you want to talk about ridiculous baseball stats, Barry Bonds’s 2004 season is full of them. First off, Barry Bonds drew more intentional walks than the the AL leader had in just walks. Bonds was intentionally walked 120 times. The AL leader, Eric Chavez, had 95 walks.

Reaching Base

In his preposterous 2004 season, Bonds reached based more times than he took an at-bat. He took 373 at-bats. Bonds walked 232 times, had 129 hits, was hit by a pitch 9 times, and reached base by error 6 times. Adding that all together, Bonds reached base 376 times. He reached base three more times than he stepped up to the plate.

Statistic Leaders

Now he never won a triple crown, but Barry Bonds led the MLB in WAR, Offensive WAR, On-Base %, Slugging %, On-Base Plus Slugging, Walks, Adjusted OPS+, Runs Created, Intentional Walks, Adj. Batting Runs, and Adj. Batting Wins. Leading in all of these statistics gives Bonds a case for the best offensive season of all time.

He did not lead the league in average, but hit .362. He also did not lead the league in RBIs and Home Runs, but hit 41 dingers with 101 runs batted in. It’s tough to lead in those categories when you are getting walked on almost 40% of his plate appearances.

Just an Extra Tid Bit on Bonds’s 04′ Season

If you go 2-5 with a single and a home run every single game of the season, you’ll end up with a worse OPS than Barry Bonds in 2004. With the 2-5 each game with a single and a homer, that is a 1.400 OPS, Bonds had a 1.422 OPS.

An INSANE Jamie Moyer Statistic

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Percentage of All MLB Hitters Faced

When he retired, Jamie Moyer had face 8.9% of all MLB hitters ever. By the time Jamie Moyer retired, about 19,000 different hitters have played in the MLB. Moyer faced 8.9% of them, that’s roughly 1,700 different batters faced. 1,700! I guess that’s the type of stat you get when you pitch for 25 years.

Tony Gwynn

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You could probably write a 50 page thesis talking about how dominant a hitter Tony Gwynn was in his hay day. I am here to touch on some of the crazier stats that Gwynn had throughout his career. Gwynn is arguably the king of the ridiculous stats.

Gwynn’s Career Batting AVG.

‘Mr. Padre’ hit .338 over his entire career. Every other hitter that hit at least .338 over their career started before 1940. (Via Jeff Passan)

Getting His Career AVG to Dip Below .300

For Gwynn’s career average to drop below .300, Gwynn would have to add 1,183 hitless at-bats to his career, roughly the equivalent of two full seasons. (Via aceballstats)

Gwynn’s Streak of Not Striking Out

Eleven times Tony Gwynn did not strike out in 20 games straight. The longest streak of which was 39 games straight without a strikeout in 1995.

Gwynn’s Batting Average with Two Strikes

With two strikes in the count, Gwynn hit .302. Now that stat was introduced in 1988, but Gwynn has the best career average since its introduction. The next closest? Wade Boggs, hitting 42 points lower than Gwynn.

Four Hit Games vs. Multi-Strikeout Games

Gwynn had 45 career four-hit games. Eleven more games than his 34 multi-strikeout games, per Big League Stew.

I could go on and on about Tony Gwynn…

Look, Gwynn is one of the best hitters of all time without question. If you need any more proof, just google ‘Tony Gwynn Crazy Hitting Stats’, but I will have to warn you, you can get lost in those stats for hours at end because there are a ton of them.

Rickey Henderson

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The All-Time Steals Record

On the all-time steals list, the difference between number 1 all time (Rickey Henderson – 1406) and number 2 (Lou Brock – 938) is the same as Brock and number 46 (Jimmy Rollins – 470).

Mariano Rivera

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Postseason Runs Allowed

More men have walked on the moon (12) than the amount of earned runs given up by Mariano Rivera in the postseason (11).

Greg Maddux

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3-0 Counts

Greg Maddux faced 20,421 batters in his career. Only 133 of them saw a 3-0 count.

1994 Quality Starts

Maddux made 24 quality starts in 1994. He started in 25 games.

Sorry Bronson Arroyo…

Maddux allowed as many home runs in his first five seasons with the Braves (1156 innings) as Bronson Arroyo did in 2011.

A 76 Pitch Complete Game

Maddux once threw 76 pitches in a complete game. 83 percent of those 76 pitches were strikes. He went to a two-ball count only twice, and he did not throw a ball in the third or fifth innings.

All Maddux stats acquired via

Nolan Ryan


Amount of Different Batters that Ryan had Struck Out

Entering the 2019 season, 354 pitchers in MLB history struck out at least 1,183 in their career. Nolan Ryan struck out 1,183 DIFFERENT batters in his career.

Nolan Ryan struck out 163 different batters at least 10 times

Yes, you read that correctly.

Edgar Martinez against Nolan Ryan

Edgar Martinez struck out in 53% of his at-bats against Nolan Ryan. He struck out in 17% of his at-bats against everyone else.

All of these crazy stats, and more Nolan Ryan crazy stats can be found on

There are PLENTY of More Crazy Baseball Statistics

Baseball has been around a very long time. And because it has been around for such a long time, statistics like the ones talked about here are not out of the ordinary if you are looking for them. Like I said when talking about Gwynn, if you just google ‘Craziest Stats in MLB History’ you could get lost for hours reading about how dominant some of these players were. I just wanted to bring to light some of the more outrageous ones I could find.

If you find any that you want to bring to like, join the discussion on twitter! You can tweet at @craines38 or @baseball_oth to get into the conversation about some of the most insane baseball stats ever.

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