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OTH Texans NFL Fan: Luis Sauret

We are only two days away from the NFC/AFC championship games and thus, enough time for you to sit back and enjoy another segment of OTH NFL FANS: Texans edition!

A place where we get to meet NFL fans around the world and share their stories. 

Today, we meet up with Luis Mario Sauret, a Houston Texans fan from Mexico City.

He has been a fan since his childhood, as he used to play a lot of pick up games with his friends when he was young.

What really sparked his fandom was a special game, we all know as the SuperBowl.

How Luis became an Oilers – Texans fan

It was January 26th, 1992, SuperBowl XXVI, Redskins vs Bills, and his neighbor organized a bbq to watch the game.

“That game really brought out the best of me, it was an amazing game and I have to thank the Redskins for my interest in the sport.”

Throughout that decade, Luis Mario travelled to Houston a lot, every three or four months for about ten straight years.

“I started taking an interest in the Houston Oilers, and clearly remember in 1993, stepping into the famous Galleria mall, and seeing it covered in blue and white.”

Luis was officially a Houston Oilers fan!

His favorite all time NFL player and his first football idol was Warren Moon:

“That awesome QB, who wore the number 1 jersey, that always played his heart out in order to take his team to victory!”

His current favorite player is J.J. Watt:

“A guy who creates a difference inside and outside of the field. He is disciplined and always gives his all to the team. A true leader!”

He remembers owning an Oilers jersey when he was a kid, however, because of his work, he hasn’t purchased any clothes, memorabilia or collectibles from his teams.

“It might sound weird, but I respect fans from every team, thus I decide to try and be as unbiased as I can.”

Oilers – Texans memories

“You know, being a fan of a team from Houston creates an ilusion for you. One of hope and excitement, that eventually sinks down once it reaches an important game.”

(With the recent exception of the Astros.)

“You know, being a fan of a team from Houston creates an ilusion for you. One of hope and excitement, that eventually sinks down once it reaches an important game.”

We have had some good times though:

  • Just this year, wildcard weekend against the Buffalo Bills, we came back from sixteen down.
  • And to keep it with the Bills, the year 2000, the music city miracle! My what an ending it was!

Both of this games are very important, because Luis’s worst memory goes back to the AFC championship game in 1993.

Bills vs Oilers, in the famous Frank Reich “Comeback game.”

This past week, was also not a very memorable game unfortunately for Luis.

As far as watching a game at NRG stadium, he hasn’t that honor yet:

“I had a very good opportunity to go to a Ravens vs Texans game this year with a colleague from work, but unfortunately our jobs took it away from us.”

Luis works for FoxSports Mexico, and he is always busy covering other sports.

“I do have the honor of stepping foot on the Astrodome, but it was to see the Astros (They are also my team).

Because of his work, even when the Texans played in Mexico City, he wasn’t lucky enough to attend the game in 2016.

The evolution of football in Mexico

I will let Luis, share this part of his story, in his own words:

“The NFL has a very special place in my heart.”

“I consider reals fans to be passionate and well-knowledgable about the game.”

“Therefore, I am very excited about how a lot of the working class in Mexico have tried to bring back interested in a national league.”

“Mexican colleges continue to struggle to bring in more audience and importance to their games.”

“But, I am proud of what they do in order to increase the popularity of the sport in our country.”

“We are very lucky and thankful for having games here in Mexico, they are an event like no other.”

“Each year, the fan base is increasing in Mexico (Our country is second after the U.S. in NFL fans worldwide) and people are loving the sport even more.”

“I really hope they keep bringing games to Mexico, and hopefully to other stadiums across the country, for example, in Monterrey.”

Final comments on the Houston Texans 2019-2020 season

Luis is very proud of his Houston Texans:

“They did win the AFC south, which is an obligation for them, and I love seeing them beat the Colts and Titans.”

“The victory against the Bills was an amazing memory, what an incredible game.”

“However, last week against the Chiefs……. What can I say about that game…. Up 24-0, and at least we got to enjoy that quarter and a half.”

We will be back next year!

Thank you again for stopping by, and we hope you enjoyed Luis’s story. You can follow him on Twitter @Lmsauret

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