2020 NFL Draft: Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons Scouting Report

Isaiah Simmons 2020 NFL Draft

Clemson|LB|Isaiah Simmons



Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons is gonna be a blue-chip draft pick in this year’s 2020 NFL Draft. Simmons has incredible length at 6’3 and has gifted athleticism, which could make him play different positions, like MIKE linebacker, SAM linebacker, strong safety, and a nickel linebacker.

Isaiah Simmons Strengths

Isaiah Simmons has so many different strengths that make him a great football player. Simmons’ football IQ is excellent. His nose for the football is crazy good. He always reads his offensive tackles keys which makes him attack and flow right to the ball to make the play.

Another strength that Simmons has is his tackling ability and his block shedding ability. Simmons can make every tackle in the book, because of his enormous wingspan and burst to the opponent. When it comes to his block shedding ability, he has long arms that give him the advantage to counteract his opponents at the point of attack at the line of scrimmage. Simmons throws a really good initial punch at the line of scrimmage to give himself the edge on his defender.

Simmons has incredibly smooth footwork. His lateral mobility is some of the best at this position. His sideline to sideline movement shows just natural ability. To me, what sets him apart from other linebackers in this class is the way he closes and squeezes’ in on the D-Gap, which is very difficult to do. Lastly, Simmons’ first-step quickness is just like a defensive back which is crazy for a guy his size.

Isaiah Simmons Weakness

Simmons is one of those guys that you have to think really hard and have to be very picky to find a weakness in his play. One of the weakness that I found when watching back his tape was sometimes his coverage skills in the linebacker position is lacking. His shallow zone coverage is hit or miss.

The last weakness that I had to nitpick was his vision when he drops back in his zone. Simmons sometimes misses his keys when it comes to his zone, which the effect of that is he could be making big-time plays like interceptions and getting to the ball back to his offense. When he drops back in coverage he sometimes has a tendency to sink too far into coverage, which takes him out of the play.


Isaiah Simmons is one of the best all-around players that was in college football this season. Simmons is a top-10 for me but may drop to the top-15 but nothing less than that. I think he should go No.8 overall the Carolina Panthers in this 2020 NFL Draft.

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