NXT Review: 01/08/19

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We are back for another episode of NXT, and we open up with our new women’s champ.

The New NXT Women’s Champion Comes Down to the Ring.

New NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley heads down to the ring.


“Memories like celebrating on top of your shoulders, I will never ever forget.”

Toni Storm’s music hits!


“Congratulations Rhea, you deserve it, but remember that time I beat you?”

“Remember that time I beat you twice?”

“This Sunday, I will become NXT UK Champion.”

“So I challenge you, to a champ vs champ match at World’s Collide.”

“I will become Toni two belts!”


“You are on!”

Here comes Kay Lee Ray!

Lee Ray:

“Toni, there is absolutely no way that you will take this title from me on Sunday.”

Io Shirai’s music hits!

Io points at Rhea’s belt and says:


Bianca Belair’s music hits:

The EST:

“Girl, uh, uh, I got 20/20 vision and I can see that I am better than all of you!”

Candice LeRae’s music hits.


“Stop, let me guess Candice, you want to fight too. Well, so do I!”

Ripley strikes down Bianca, and we have chaos in the ring.

Breaking Announcement: William Regal has just declared a six-man tag match

Candice immediately dives onto the outside and delivers a tope to all the heels.

Commercial Break

Back from break and Candice and Kay Lee Ray are in the ring.

LeRae is in control, but Io quickly distracts her and the NXT UK champ lands a superkick.

She tags in Io, who hits a flapjack, goes off the ropes and lands a dropkick.

However, she accidentally knocks down Bianca in the process.

The heels keep working on Candice until she is able to throw Bianca to the outside.

LeRae is about to make the tag, but Bianca picks her up and knocks her down.

She tags in Lee Ray, who goes to the top, and lands a senton, 1, 2, and Storm comes in.

Bianca quickly interferes and spears Storm, then Rhea knocks Belair with a dropkick.

Io, uppercuts Rhea and Candice knocks Shirai out with an enziguri.

Everyone is down!

NXT Chants

LeRae lands a poison rana on Lee Ray and is about to tag in, but Bianca prevents it.

She then tries a spear but hits Io instead and Candice makes the tag.

Storm is in the ring and starts taking everyone out.

However, Lee Ray counters, tags in Io who lands the knees in the corner and connects a backbreaker and is now going to the top but Bianca tags herself in.

The EST is about to hit the K.O.D. but Io springboards off the ropes and knocks her down.

The distraction allows Storm to tag in Rhea, who hits a huge boot to the face.

Riptide and this one is over!

Post Match and Comments

After the match, Candice and Toni are looking at Rhea’s belt, but they end up celebrating together.


So much chaos in this match, with the heels actually working very well as a team.

Until the Bianca vs Io interaction.

I was expecting Regal to set up some type of Number One Contenders match.

Maybe a gauntlet or a hell in the cell.

I guess we will have to wait to find out who Rhea’s next opponent will be.

Unfortunately, it seems Belair and Shirai won’t be it, as they are probably headed to a feud.

It’s always a pleasure seeing Toni Storm in the ring and I hope she makes the transition.

I wouldn’t be opposed to a triple threat: Storm vs Candice vs Rhea.

Unless Kay Lee Ray loses the title to Nevin and she also moves to NXT.

Overall, a nice opening match, but nothing special.

Huge Announcement:

First Round Opening matches of the NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic:

Undisputed Era vs Gallus.

This could be an incredible match.

Plus the Forgotten Sons vs Imperium.

We are on for a very entertaining night.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Opening Match

Here we go!

Imperium vs The Forgotten Sons!

A slugfest between Aichner and Cutler to start things off.

However, a blind tag by Barthel, who covers Cutler after a blackbody drop by Aichner.

He can only get a two count!

All of a sudden, things pick up incredibly, with multiple moves and counters by both teams.

Aichner lands a regal roll and goes for a moonsault, but it is countered!

A huge lariat by Blake, but he misses a moonsault himself and Aichner connects a tandem brainbuster.

Imperium goes for the European bomb, but The Forgotten Sons counter into a Fisherman’s driver.

1, 2, nooo, broken up by Barthel.

A slugfest between Barthel and Blake, but Aichner gets the bling tag.

He lands a spinebuster, and are going for the European Bomb, but reverse rana by Blake.

Cutler is going to the top rope, but Barthel hits him with an enziguri.

Aichner rolls up Blake, but instead of going for the count, he sets him up in the powerbomb position.

European bomb and this one is over!

Post-Match and Comments

There was a moment in the match where it was non-stop continuous action.

Just back and forth moves and counters.

It was a lot of fun.

Overall, good opener for the classic. Would have enjoyed a couple more minutes. but it worked.

Imperium advances, and I am guessing they will face Riddle and Dunne in the next round.

I was not expecting Imperium to advance, as NXT UK rarely gets pushed.

So that was a good surprise.

NXT is Theory

The future of NXT is here: Austin Theory is next.

He will face Joaquin Wilde.

Wilde starts with an early advantage with a sweet takeover.

However, Theory quickly counters, and he takes control of the match.

Stomp and Fisherman suplex combo but can only get a two count.

Theory calls for his version of the TKO, and this match is over.

Post Match & Comments

Very fast match, to keep pushing Theory.

He has a bright future and will be in the main event soon.

I hope they let him wrestle a longer match against an NXT “veteran” soon.

Wilde looked good out there with the limited offense he was able to connect with.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Continues

Shock, the system!

Here comes Undisputed Era, and they will face Gallus.

I am very excited for this match.

I can’t believe this match is in the first round.

This could be a preview of World’s Collide.

The match starts and we get a strike exchange between Kyle and Wolfgang.

Gallus quickly takes control of the match, showing off their power.

Great tag team work!

Wolfgang tosses Kyle and Fish to the outside, and they have to re-group as we go to break.

Commercial Break

Undisputed Era is now in control, and they are working on Wolfgang.

After a couple of attempts, the tag is finally made, and Coffey is in the ring.

Uppercut, double ax handle, flip, slam, Coffey is on fire!

He even blocks a kick by O’Riley, but with a distraction from Cole, UE connects a double kick and multiple splashes in the corner and seems to be in control.

Coffey counters, tags in Wolfgang, and they land a catapult-Samoan drop!

1, 2, noooooooo! Fish is able to stop the count.

Here we go, both teams are going at it!

Kicks, strikes, and Undisputed Era is knocked to the outside.

Coffey off the ropes and he flies to the outside.

With all the action going, Cole distracts Wolfgang, that allows UE to connect with the high/low to end the match!

Post Match & Comments

I’m not sure if they booked the match this way because they are saving it for Worlds Collide.

But, it lacked a lot of action and excitement.

Just as it was getting fun, we got some interference from Adam Cole to finish the match.

It makes sense to end the match that way, but I wish we could have gotten more.

After a hot opener, I think the show has really cooled down.

We still have the Fatal Four main event, so, things can change in a heartbeat.

As a reminder, NXT UK Takeover is on Sunday, and there will be a ladder match for the tag titles.

You do not want to miss that!

Mr. NXT: Johnny Wrestling Comes Down to the Ring


“I’ve been waiting for a long time to get a microphone to talk about the Prince.”

“Finn, you helped built this brand and put it on the map.”

“But you put me out for three months, and made me miss a Takeover.”

“Your past is here because you didn’t finish the job that day.”

“I remember when you got that call, you could not forget to put the flag down and get the hell out of here.”

“When I got that call, I stayed, because I love this place.”

Here comes Finn Balor!


“What a promo, congratulations, maybe we can call you that, Johnny Promo.”

“So we should call you that, because that’s all the doctors will let you do.”

“NXT is my chessboard, and what I said is a fact, you are soft.”

“Quit crying about missing Takeover, talk to Regal, and I will give you your moment.”

“If, you make it that far.”

Mia Yim vs Kayden Carter

Lots of counters and reversals to start the match, with Kayden getting the advantage.

She lands a hip toss and a dropkick, after jumping in between ropes.

Carter goes for a hurricarrana but Yim counters it into a powerbomb.

Yim locks in a modified surfboard submission hold but Kayden counters into a pin.

Carter connects with a superkick and heads to the top rope.

Mia counters with a “Protect Yo Neck” out of nowhere and this match is over!

Post-Match & comments

Yes! Chelsea Green is here!

She attacks Carter, who pushes Mia to the outside.

We are shown a guy with a mic on the ramp, and he starts talking.

His name is Robert Stone, and he says that in 2020 his brand will take over NXT.

Starting with the hottest free agent signing: Chelsea Green.


Carter looks very good, she is really improving in the ring.

I hope she can get a push sometime soon.

Mia Yim congratulates Carter at the end of the match.

No Dakota Kai, which is weird, considering their feud.

Welcome Chelsea Green to NXT, it’s about damn time.

Stone, better known as Robert E. from his time at Impact, has lots of championship experience.

Let’s see what his brand is all about.

I am excited about Chelsea, big fan, and can’t wait to see what she will bring to NXT.

NXT Main Event: Fatal Four Way

There are about twenty minutes left, minus the entrances, so this could be a classic.

Priest vs Lee vs Dijakovic vs Grimes is next!

The match starts with a super “Oh Bask” in his glory chant!

Grimes and Priest get taken out early and we have a Dijakovic and Lee face-off!

They avoid a lot of their moves and smile at each other before getting attacked.

Priest is now in control, but Dijakovic counters and goes for a suplex.

He throws him onto Lee, but he catches him! Uses him to take out Grimes and Dijakovic.

A powerbomb onto Dominik! Yes!

The fight spills to the outside with Dijakovic and Grimes taking out Lee.

However, Priest gets inside the ring and dives onto the outside!

Mamma Mia!

Commercial Break

Back from break and Lee headbutts Priest and knocks him down from the top rope.

He then picks him up and superplexes him back into the ring.

Dijakovic quickly goes to the top rope, and moonsaults onto Lee, 1, 2, nooo!

Grimes is now in the ring, lands a couple of superkicks and German suplexes Dominik.

1, 2, nooo!

Grimes is now going to the top rope, but Priest counters with a 360-degree roundhouse kick.

Goes to the top rope and hurricaranas Grimes, but he is caught by Lee!

He gets kicked by Dominik, who takes Grimes and hits the Feast your eyes.

Out of nowhere, Lee takes out Dijakovic with the Pounce!

Priest sneaks from behind and hits the reckoning on Lee.

1, 2…. but Dijakovic with a huge superkick to make the save.


Super offensive strike exchange by Dijakovic and Priest, both men are down.

They are still going at it! They are going for chokeslams, but Lee rises out of nowhere and…

Double chokeslam!

Lee goes off the ropes, but Grimes hits a huge cross-body!

1, 2, noooo.

Grimes then moonsaults himself to the outside onto Priest and double stomps Dijakovic!

He goes to the top rope, goes for the Cave-in, but counter by Lee.

Spirit bomb!!!

1, 2, 3! We have a new number one contender!

Post-Match & Comments

What a fun match!

It definitely is Keith Lee’s time! He is looking amazing.

The fans love him, his charisma is incredible, he deserves to be at the top.

Will he be the first to dethrone someone from the Undisputed Era?

Cameron Grimes looks very good out there, he has a lot of potential.

I could definitely see him as a main eventer as well.

Good match!

Overall, the show was good, but not great. I did enjoy it.

I guess the brand has made me expect extraordinary all the time.

Anyway, I can’t wait for Sunday!

NXT UK Takeover! You do not want to miss this show.

Thanks for stopping by, see you next week!

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