NXT UK Review: 01/16/19

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NXT UK Takeover Blackpool did not disappoint! We are live and only one week away from World’s Collide.

Joseph Connors vs A-Kid

NXT UK Opening Match

A-Kid vs Joseph Connors is next!

Match starts with a few technical moves, submission holds and back and forth action.

The spaniard brought his A game, as he is dominating this match.

However, he goes to the top rope and misses, which allows Connors to counter.

He follows up with a delayed suplex, for a two count.

A-Kid tries to counter, but Connors hits a falcon arrow for another two count.

Dropkick counter and a german suplex by A-Kid and he follows up with a northern light suplex!

Connors go to the outside to regroup, but A-Kid dives with a tope!

Once more, Connors ends up on the outside, and A-Kid moonsaults onto him!

He gets NXT UK chants!

A-Kid to the top rope, cross-body attempt, but Connors catches him mid-air.

He goes for the Don’t look down, but he is rolled up for a two count!

Joseph finally counters with a back breaker, goes to the top rope for a moonsaut but,

Counter by A-Kid, he locks in a submission hold, this could be over!

However, Connors picks him up, but he gets rolled up again!

1, 2, nooo!

What a match!

Out of nowhere, Connors hits the Don’t look down, and this match is over.

Post-match & Comments

That was a great opening match!

The announcers asked after the match, if Connors was takeover worthy.

However, after the performance by A-Kid, he is the one that should be at a Takeover.

Though I wouldn’t mind seeing that triple threat between Connors, Banks and Ligero again at a Takeover.

Match started out with a lot of technical moves, but turned out to be a really fun match.

A lot of back and forth, and great counters and close pin falls.

Hope the rest of the show is this good.

We have a Mastiff vs Ohno main event!

NXT UK Backstage Segments and Video packages

We are shown multiple backstage segments and video packages:

  • A reminder of Ilja Dragunov getting involved at NXT UK Takeover
  • Undisputed Era attacking Imperium
  • The relationship between Gabbert and Jinny
  • Toni Storm interview and challenging Rhea Ripley at World’s Collide
  • Gallus being victorious in their ladder match
  • Post-match backstage video between Trent Seven and Eddie Dennis
  • World’s Collide being only nine days away

Breaking news:

NXT Cruiserweight title will be on the line, in a four way match.

Two of the competitors will come from the following matches:

Jordan Devlin vs Ligero and Travis Banks will face The Brian Kendrick.

Both matches, next week on NXT UK !

NXT UK Main Event

About eleven-twelve minutes left, and we have Kassius Ohno vs Dave Mastiff next!

This could be a good one.

Match starts with both competitors showing off their strength.

Mastiff starts to take control, but Ohno rolls to the outside.

Dave follows and he tries to suplex him, but the wrestling genius counters and,

Sends Mastiff shoulder first into the post, and takes control of the match.

Finally, Mastiff is able to counter and lands a huge suplex.

He then follows up with a huge clothesline and three sentons!

1, 2, noooo!

Mastiff goes for the cannonball, but Ohno has his knee’s up.

He then goes for a senton, but Dave counters into a german suplex!

Dave is now going to the top rope, but Ohno strikes him, and is also now on the top rope.

He is trying to lock a move, but Mastiff hosts him in his shoulders and,

Super Rolling Senton!

Mastiff follows up with a cannonball in the corner, and this match is over!

Post-Match & Comments

Looks like we only had two matches tonight, but both of them were fun.

The opener took the night, but this was a good match as well.

Mastiff is always a pleasure to see, and so is the Wrestling Genius.

I would have loved for them to go on for a little longer, but it worked for me.

Next week looks to be a very exciting show, and I can’t wait to see it.

Thanks again for stopping by! Tune in for the next episode!

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