Overtime Heroics Weekly NBA MVP Rankings


Each week the writers at Overtime Heroics will reveal the NBA MVP power rankings. In a season that is wide open with the fall of the Golden State Warriors, the move of several superstars and young talent taking over the MVP race is also wide open. Let’s take a look at the top five candidates so far this year.

NBA MVP Power Rankings

Number 5

Anthony Davis

27.4 points 9.3 rebounds 2.6 blocks

The Lakers keep rolling along with the best record in the Western Conference. Anthony Davis continues to dominate currently sixth in points per game, second in blocks and fourth in PER. Davis has missed four games in a row but when on the court he has been the best big man in the league.

Number 4

Luka Doncic

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28.8 points 9.8 rebounds 9.0 assists

Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks have been one of the biggest surprises of the year. The Mavs currently sit at sixth in the Western Conference and Doncic of course is the main reason why. Currently third in PER, third in scoring and third in assist Doncic is keeping the Mavs afloat while Kristaps Porzingis works his way back from injury.

Number 3

James Harden

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37.2 points 6.2 rebounds 7.5 assists

The Rockets have currently hit a road block losing three out of four games. More teams have taken to double teaming James Harden making life difficult on the former MVP. Even with this strategy Harden leads the league in points at 37.2 more than seven points higher then second place. Some perspective on that the lead Harden has on second place is the same as second place to sixteenth. A huge game not only for the Houston Rockets but for Harden awaits Saturday night as the Rockets take on the Lakers in Houston.

Number 2

Lebron James

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25.4 points 7.7 rebounds 10.9 assists

Lebron James has went from dominating the forward position for over a decade to now becoming the top playmaker in the league at point guard. James currently leads the league with 10.9 assists per game. The Los Angles Lakers currently lead the Western Conference by over four games but have a big matchup this Saturday on primetime with another MVP candidate James Harden.

Number 1

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Giannis Antetokounmpo

30.1 points 12.9 rebounds 5.5 assists

The reigning NBA MVP has continued his MVP play leading the Bucks to the best record in the league. This has been the same opening sentence every week). Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks are 37-6 and 7.5 games in front of the second place Miami Heat. Antetokounmpo currently ranks sixth in rebounds and second in scoring.

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