The Importance of Immanuel Quickley to Kentucky


Immanuel Quickley was a top 25 recruit coming out of High School. He was a top 3 Point Guard in his class and was a McDonald’s All-American. Coming into his freshman season at Kentucky last year, he was projected to be a key contributor to the team, despite Kentucky signing the #1 PG in the class, Ashton Hagans.

His freshman season was decent, but nothing to write home about. He averaged 5.2 points and 1.8 rebounds per game, while shooting 34% from three. His 3PT% was slightly disappointing, because Quickley won the national three point contest in high school and was supposed to be an elite shooter. He never really found his groove as a freshman.

Immanuel announced at the end of the season that he would be returning to Kentucky for a sophomore year. Fellow Point Guard Ashton Hagans also announced his return, and Kentucky signed a top 10 recruit in Tyrese Maxey in their recruiting class to join them in the backcourt.

The future looked bright with these three players, but Immanuel Quickley may have been an afterthought in a lot of fans’ minds, with the elite duo of Hagans and Maxey running things.

How Has Immanuel Quickley Performed This Season?

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With Ashton Hagans and Tyrese Maxey taking so much of the spotlight this year, a lot of casual viewers may overlook Immanuel Quickley’s impact. He’s not as flashy or charismatic as the other two, and doesn’t show up on many highlight reels.

I would make the argument that Immanuel has been more important throughout this season. He is by far the best and most reliable three point shooter on the team. His 44% from three leads the Wildcats, and is one of the best marks in the entire country. He’s made 28 threes through 15 games, which is only two less made threes than he had all of last season. Immanuel is now the second leading scorer on the team, putting up 13.7 points per game. For reference, Tyrese Maxey is the leading scorer, with 13.9 points per game. They’re almost identical, except Immanuel shoots at a much more efficient rate. Rebounding is a very underrated part of Immanuel Quickley’s game. As a 6’3 backup scoring guard, he averages almost 4 rebounds per contest.

Immanuel Quickley has been absolutely phenomenal this season. Among all these other stats, he also takes care of the ball. He only averages a little over one turnover per game. As a guard, that is a really solid number.

How Important is Immanuel Quickley to Kentucky?

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It’s blatantly obvious that Immanuel Quickley is extremely important to this team. Without his elite shooting and unselfish play, Kentucky may have a couple more losses on their record. He was a major part of the comeback win at Georgia. He did all he could to put the game away against South Carolina, and would’ve been the hero of the game if SC hadn’t nailed a buzzer-beater to win it. Quickley put up a career high against Louisville, and then beat that career high in the next game against Missouri.

Immanuel is one of the best shooters in the entire country. He had a stretch where he made 12 of his last 13 three point attempts. Every time he shoots it, it feels like it’s going in. He is also one of the best free throw shooters in the country, shooting 93% from the stripe. He’s a great rebounder and perimeter defender. There is not much to dislike about what he has done this year.

If there was one word to describe Immanuel Quickley, it would be reliable. He makes very few mistakes. He’s an experienced and poised leader on the court. You can trust him to hit his shots. There hasn’t been a single shot that he’s taken that I haven’t liked. He passes when he needs to and shoots when he needs to. To be a top 2 scorer on the team while coming off the bench takes a lot of efficiency.

Thank you, Immanuel.

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