Washington Cornerback Myles Bryant 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Myles Bryant 2020 NFL Draft

There is a very good secondary player out in Washington. Myles Bryant has exactly what a player needs to be successful in the NFL. This guy can do it all and has a ton of talent, but he does it mostly with his speed. Bryant is one of the most explosive cornerbacks in college football in my opinion. The stud had 60 total tackles, 3 interceptions, and 1 fumble recovery in 13 games in 2019. He can make great open-field tackles, and didn’t miss many this year. His hand usage is great but he’s also very physical. For being 5’9, 185 pounds this guy has something to show. Myles Bryant is just fun to watch.

What a lot of people don’t see is his work ethic off the field. He is a great team player and he works hard. Also, Bryant is a great all-around teammate and leader. When Bryant is on your team, he’s going to make impacts in all different areas.

Myles Bryant Strengths

There are a lot of strengths that this future draft pick has. He can move quickly with wide receivers on any route. The way he breaks on the football is amazing. Bryant flips his hips well almost every time when playing the football and when adjusting to receivers. His football IQ is very high and can play press coverage very well. He will be able to be successful in any defensive secondary. Also, don’t question his height. He will win most 50/50 balls that are up in the air intended for receivers. He can really get up there to disrupt passes, coming from great flexibility. An all-around great athlete.

Myles Bryant Weaknesses

Myles Bryant doesn’t have many cons. However, sometimes his size can be a bit of a factor when he goes up against taller receivers. From what I’ve seen, when he gets beat, it’s on the line of scrimmage. That’s especially from bigger receivers. His drop steps can get a little lazy from time-to-time which could put him behind but nothing too serious. Finally, one thing Bryant could improve is dropping into deep zones better. I can tell that he is not the most comfortable with dropping into deep zones. Besides these few divots, Bryant is ready to get drafted.

Bryant’s Projection

Myles Bryant is a great player and knows how to compete at a high level. I’m sure he will be able to use his talents at the NFL level and he will make an impact with any team that drafts him. Bryant is projected to go in either late 4th round or early 5th round in the 2020 NFL Draft. My personal favorite landing spot is for the Rams who could make the move and trade up for this guy in the later rounds.

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