2020 NFL Draft: Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy Scouting Report

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Jerry Jeudy is one of the top two wide receivers that will get drafted in 2020. This guy is an animal and was Alabama’s prime target in the 2019-2020 season. Jeudy’s athleticism is great, but his speed is what sets him up to make the big play. When he catches the ball, he is always a threat to break a tackle from secondary defenders. One of his many talents is his great handwork at the line of scrimmage. He gets separation on defenders so well, which puts him in the best position to catch the football.

Jerry Jeudy Stats

In 2019 this stud receiver had 77 receiving yards, and 1,163 receiving yards. Also, he had 10 touchdowns. This shows you the numbers he can put up in college, and I think he will be a great factor in the NFL. Jeudy is just a fun player to watch.

Jerry Jeudy’s Strengths

There is much to love about this talented receiver. First off, Jerry Jeudy’s route running is off the charts. Every route he runs is sharp, and his cuts are one of a kind. He can run any route and go make a play on the ball. Also, the athlete has great speed coming off the line of scrimmage. His quickness in the beginning of every route impresses everyone and is a defender’s nightmare. Jeudy is definitely in the top class of fastest receivers in college football. Another strength is this prospect’s IQ on the field. He is able to execute every play and he’s able to do it at full effort every game. Finally, Jerry Jeudy, in the NFL, is going to be a team’s number one receiver. He can be there to make a big play anytime. Quarterbacks will enjoy having a guy to play that role. This receiver is one of my favorites and will for sure make an impact on an NFL team.

Jerry Jeudy’s Weaknesses

There really aren’t many rough patches in Jeudy’s game. However, his strength could improve a bit. He has a skinny build and at 6-1, 195 lbs he can struggle dealing with press coverage against physical cornerbacks sometimes. One more divot I see with Jeudy is that he won’t be a prime 50/50 jump ball receiver. He will be aggressive with defenders but won’t always be able to go up and come down with the ball as often as you would expect him to. Aside from those small holes, Jerry Jeudy is a great football player. He is ready to get drafted and get his pro career underway.

Jeudy’s Projection

This great player has many talents and will for sure be successful in the NFL. He will be a blue-chip pick in my opinion and will get drafted early to mid-first round. My projected landing spot for Jeudy is with the Raiders.

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