LA Kings Stadium Series

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2020 Navy Federal Credit Union NHL Stadium Series™
Los Angeles KingsĀ® vs. Colorado AvalancheĀ®

The LA Kings since the beginning of January have played eight games and they only won one of them. They sit in the last place of the Pacific Division. One can hope that things will change for this team with the All-Star break coming just around the corner.

However, there is momentum coming for the Kings with the Stadium Series.

On February 15th, the Kings will take on the Colorado Avalanche at Falcon Stadium, U.S. Air Force Academy | Colorado Springs, CO.

The National Hockey League and Colorado AvalancheĀ® are bringing outdoor hockey back to Colorado in the 2020 NHL Stadium Series™. The ultimate celebration of hockey returns to the Rocky Mountains for the second NHL Stadium Series game hosted by a U.S. service academy, following the 2018 NHL Stadium Series™ at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis.

Together with our Official Military Appreciation Partner, Navy Federal Credit Union, we celebrate our military every day. When we gather at the Air Force Academy for the 2020 Navy Federal Credit Union NHL Stadium Series™, our combined mission is to help fans create meaningful and lasting experiences in the spirit of military appreciation.

The New Kings jerseys

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The jersey takes a unique twist on the team’s brand markings, with motion lines trailing from a slanted “LA” crest. The inspiration was drawn from a single-seat fighter jet called the P-51 Mustang, which was manufactured in the heart of El Segundo, quite possibly on the same ground where the Kings practice facility sits today.

Follow this link to see how fans can interact and get tickets for this event.

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