NWA Powerr Review: 01/14/19

Team Ricky takes home the win, and he will now face Nick Aldis for the World Title

Another week and another episode of NWA Powerr is here.

The Rock N Roll Express Open Up NWA Powerr


“I am not out here trying to spill milk and not trying to be someone I am not.”

“All that matters to me is all of you, the fans!”

“For our six-man tag match tonight, when we win, I get a shot at the World Heavyweight title.”


“I don’t think we will tell anyone who we choose as our partners, let them guess.”

NWA TV Title Tournament

Zicky Dice and Ricky Starks are at the podium.


“What have you done at NWA? You are here as a favor and your time is running out.”


“Listen, you broke @ss guy Fury, I’ve done a lot here. For starters your mother!”

“And I sent her back to flavor town. Secondly, I went toe to toe with Nick Aldis.”

“Compared to me, you ain’t nothing.”


“You better hope you don’t run into me because the only thing you are going to be stroking are these curls.

Dave Dawson vs Zane Dawson

The brothers stare at each other for a while and just talk trash before finally locking up.

One minute has almost gone by and we are still without action.

Finally, they start to run into each other and Zane connects with a shoulder tackle and gets a two count.

Dropkick counter from Dave and there are three minutes left in the match.

Dave starts to focus on Zane’s hand, and the ref has to interfere.

This allows Zane to land a huge right hand with the cast to win the match.

Post-Match & Comments

Looks like Zane’s hand is very injured and the ref is calling for medical attention.


A very quick match, with both brothers evenly matched.

They went toe to toe, with a lot of back and forth.

Finally, Dave realized that he needed to attack Zane’s hand to get the advantage.

Unfortunately, Zane used the cast and finished the match.

I wish I could have seen Dave snap and really go after that hand.

Ashley Vox vs Melina

Finally, Vox will have her opportunity to go against Melina.

Here we go!

Bell rings and Vox attacks Melina immediately with a dropkick.

However, this only angers Melina who slams Vox down using her hair.

Ashley tries to fight back, but Melina lands a kick to the head to take her down.

Melina follows up with the leg takedown for the win.

Post-Match & Comments


“I have my eyes set on the title!”

“So, I want for everyone to witness me calling out the champ.”

“Make sure she knows she is going to wrestle and will get destroyed!”

“But, it will happen until next week!”


For a brief moment, it looked like Vox could pull off the upset victory.

However, Melina quickly took control of the match and won.

She did tell the Champ to get ready for next week but, never mentioned it would be against her.

Maybe Rosa or Belle will do the honors.

I for one would love to see Rosa win the title and anger Melina somehow.

Maybe Belle beats Kay and finally gets on Melina’s good side.

Let’s see what happens next week.

NWA Exclusive of Nick Aldis Invading ROH


“You thought it was over? You don’t come to my town, Marty!”

“The National Treasure is here, Villain Enterprise, you showed up at my hometown.”

“So I am here, where I made you tap out, and I will expose you.”

“Isn’t it interesting, where I beat Marty and made him tap out.”

“When I try to remind everyone who I am, Marty is not seen!”

“But who dares put his hands on me? Flip Gordon!”

“So Flip, I’ll see you at Hard Times!”


I, for one, loved the invasion by Nick Aldis, and really hope we get a lot of crossover matches.

ROH vs NWA, one night only PPV sort of thing.

It will start with Flip vs Aldis, and I am all for it.

Maybe Marty didn’t sign with NWA after all and they are just getting ready for a partnership.

I am excited and looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Outlaw Inc. and the Pope Are Here on NWA Powerr

The Pope:

“The reason Pope is here, just to use some of my magic, to give these guys an opportunity.”

“Aaron Stevens, if you want to be great, step into the ring with these guys and prove it.”

“So it’s simple, Outlaw Inc. It’s your time now and you are going to prove it, next.

Outlaw Inc. vs the NWA National Champion & his Sensei

The top two athletes in NWA are making their way to the ring.

On a side note, there is a new student of the Question Mark in the ring.

He brought a Mongrovian flag with him, this could come in handy later.

The match starts with Stevens going for a sweet karatay kick, but it is caught by Eddie.

This upsets Aaron who has to go re-group to the outside.

Homicide is then tagged in, and he takes down Stevens, but Aaron counters and starts to focus on Homicide’s arm and drops down the karatay leg drop!

Kingston gets upset, enters the ring and starts attacking Stevens.

The Question Mark decides to get involved and connects with the Mongrovian Spike.

He then connects the Mongrovian Spike on Homicide, and this match is over.

Post-Match & Comments

The most dangerous move in all of wrestling was seen in this match.

Mongrovian Spike taking, not one, but both members of Outlaw Inc. out.

Homicide looked good in this match, glad he is back from injury.

The Question Mark and Aaron Stevens are dominating and I just can’t wait to see them with all the belts.

Pope never got involved or did anything, so, not sure what his role will be.

Strictly Business is Here!


“When I came into this company, I was warned about everyone who would stab me.”

“They told me Big Poppa Pump would do it, and he did not, he came to help when I needed it.”

Scott S:

“The first time I saw you, I knew you would be the World Champion.”

“I am thankful for you calling me to beat someone up.”

“This is the NWA original Tag team title belt.”

“When Ted Turner bought the NWA, it became the WCW, and here is my belt.”

“We beat everyone up and became the best tag team of all time!”

“Ricky and Robert, that’s when you come in. Nick doesn’t like you.”

“I never liked you EVER, and you guys will find out why I am the guy with the largest arms.”

“And shortest fuse in professional wrestling!”

NWA Main Event: Six-Man Tag Match

Wild Cards and Scott Steiner vs Robert Gibson, Eli Drake & Tim Storm.

Team Ricky starts dominating the match, and each take turns on punishing Latimer.

Tommy finally counters and tags in Isaacs, but the faces quickly take control back.

Drake even hits the E-LI- perfect elbow drop but can only get a two count.

Latimer is able to interfere and that allows Isaacs to tag in Big Poppa Pump.

Steiner is now taking out Drake with chops and connects a belly to belly.

1, 2, but Steiner picks him back up! He tags in Tommy, and now the heels are in control.

Finally, Eli is able to counter with a DDT and tags in Gibson!

Robert takes down Isaacs and then locks in a sleeper hold.

This creates chaos and everyone is going at each other.

Everyone is now on the outside!

Kamille tries to hit a spear on Tim Storm but hits the steel steps instead!

With all the distraction, Eli hits a jawbreaker type move on Isaacs and Gibson rolls him up!

This one is over!

Post-Match & Comments

Ricky Morton will get his NWA Title Match against Nick Aldis next week.

The match was ok, with Eli Drake doing most of the work.

Scott Steiner did manage to influence a little but was not really a factor.

On a side note, his arms have really slimmed down, not the big guns that he used to have.

I did predict that this was going to happen, so now we will get the match.

I expect some sort of shenanigans to happen, maybe someone from ROH will show up.

Anyway, it was a very decent show, with the highlight being the Question Mark and Aaron Stevens once again.

They deserve more gold and I am looking forward to the QM winning the TV title tournament.

Strictly Business better watch out!

I hope nothing happened to Kamille, she took a serious bump on those steel steps.

Let’s see what happens next week.

Thanks for stopping by, see you next week!

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