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Floyd Mayweather Needs Money… Or Attention

What the heck is “Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather—The Legendary
Icon Tour?”

Well, aside from a garishly awful self-aggrandizing psychological
scream for help from “Money” Mayweather, this “Legendary Icon Tour” is some
sort of figurative traveling circus around Belgium and the UK in late February
through early March.

From the little info available, the events will be filled
with “American Style” entertainment (whatever that is) and pick-up basketball
games between the “Money Team” and local basketball crews (i.e. Mayweather and
his pals playing basketball against local/regional semi-pros and aged domestic
league professionals). There will also be, apparently, a meet-and-greet element
to the tour.

Via Press Release:

About An evening with Floyd Mayweather and boxing stars:

On 28 February 2020 American boxing phenomenon Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and his team will touch down in Belgium! The unbeaten boxer will be at the Lotto Arena in Antwerp for the first time which will kickstart his ‘Legendary Icon Tour’. Together with his American friends he will be playing a basketball game. It promises to be a unique show you simply cannot miss since it is currently the only show on the European mainland!

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather – The Legendary Icon Tour:

An evening with Floyd Mayweather. The spectacle is filled with ‘American Style’ entertainment with the highlight being a basketball game between the famous ‘Money Team’ – led by Floyd himself – and a selection of players of the Belgian vice champion and Cup winner the Antwerp Giants.

The UK’s Daily Mail is reporting that, at least during the
Blackpool, UK stop of this “Legendary Icon Tour,” Mayweather will be charging £150
(just under $200 USD) for his photo during the meet-and-greet segment of the
event (oddly enough held at the three-star, budget £38 ($50 USD)-a-night Grand
Hotel. There will also be VIP Platinum and VIP Gold tables available at a
respective price of £2,500 ($3,286 USD) and £1,800 ($2,366 USD).

All of this begs the question of who, exactly, will be
willing to pay a few grand to see Mayweather play a pick-up basketball game
with his buddies and then rush over to spend 200 bucks for a quick snapshot
with the likely disinterested former world champ.

Mayweather, a former five-division world champ and the
biggest money earner in the history of boxing, is said to be worth in the
neighborhood of $700 million to $1 billion and has been part of the four
highest grossing pay-per-view fights of all-time. However, all of this Legendary
Icon Tour nonsense reeks of desperation and the frantic, shot-in-the-dark work
of someone who needs cash-money, like, right now.

But, if there’s anything we know about Floyd Mayweather via
his social media accounts, it’s that the man has plenty of cash and certainly
doesn’t seem in need of a quick and meaty money injection.

Maybe all of this just boils down to taking what’s shoved at
him. I mean, would you turn down a truckload of money for what amounts to a
free vacation and a few basketball games you’d be playing with friends anyway?

Still, all of this seems a bit…undignified…for someone with,
supposedly, much bigger and much more important fish to fry.

This “legendary” tour sounds like a low-end, bargain-basement money grab for someone who really doesn’t need it. And it makes a legendary figure seem, well, a lot less legendary.

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