Joejuan Williams Arrested at Traffic Stop


Joejuan Williams got arrested at a traffic stop in Nashville because the cops found unprescribed drugs in Williams’s car. According to Tennesse Highway Patrol, the officer stopped Williams after he was speeding and cops found controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, and prescription in his car.

Joejuan Williams Background

The Patriots drafted Joejuan Williams with their 2nd round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Before the 2019 draft, he played for Vanderbilt College. The Patriots were so excited to pick up the young cornerback that they traded up to pick him. The 6-foot-3 and 212-pound cornerback should have had a key role for the Patriots in the future. 

What this means for Joejuan Williams

Williams was pulled over in a 2016 Land Rover at 9:37 PM on Interstate 40. They found the drugs in his car and arrested Williams. I would not be surprised if the young cornerback is cut from the roster because he may be going to prison soon. He could be out of the NFL soon. If he is cut or put into jail I could not see another team have interest in signing him to there roster. 


Overall if Williams is found guilty in the arrest I could not see him making another NFL roster. With this arrest, he may have just ruined his career in the NFL, but if he is found not guilty he may be able to earn his trust back with the team.

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