The Losing Numbers for The Houston Rockets

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The Houston Rockets are 1-5 in their last six games. After a demoralizing 17 point blown lead the Houston Rockets have dropped four straight games. Heading into a matchup with the Denver Nuggets the Rockets have to figure a way out of this slump. These are the numbers the Rockets must improve on tonight and going forward.

Houston Rockets 3-point shooting

30.7 percent last six games

The Rockets as everyone knows are a volume shooting 3-point team. They have averaged the most shots from downtown for the last few seasons. This season is no different and in the last six games, the numbers have not been pretty. Since January 9th the game vs the Oklahoma City Thunder the Rockets are shooting 30.7 percent from downtown. That is third-worst in the league during this time period. If you are a team that shoots only 25 3-pointers a game maybe this isn’t a huge problem but the Rockets during this stretch have shot 47.2 percent of their shots from beyond the arc. This team will probably never have the highest percentage from downtown but shooting 30 percent from 3-point range will almost guarantee losses going forward.

James Harden Shooting

22.1 Percents last six games

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Everyone knows the Rockets go as James Harden goes and lately it hasn’t been going well for Harden. The last six games Harden is 17-71 from downtown for 22.1 percent. That is the numbers Russell Westbrook was putting up earlier in the season. The difference is Harden takes over 10 3-pointers a game. This prompted Harden to stay after last game debacle to practice his shot.

History suggest the Harden will break out of this slump soon just last month Harden had a stretch where he was shooting well over 40 percent from downtown and averaging almost 40 points a game. When you shoot difficult shots like Harden does bad stretches will happen. The Rockets though need this bad stretch to end quickly to get out of this four game losing streak.

Houston Rockets lack defense

117.7 points per game allowed last three games

When the Houston Rockets had the best record in the league two years one of the biggest reasons was there defense. They were a top-five defense that year and that lead to a 65-17 record. This year during their longest winning streak of eight games they were a top-three defense during that time. During the last three games, all losses the Rockets are surrendering 117.7 points per game. In the loss to the Thunder, they gave up 40 points in the fourth quarter. The Rockets will not be an elite team if they are not getting stops, especially in the fourth quarter. Offense comes and goes but your defense should never have off games.

With a big game vs the Denver Nuggets coming up tonight the Rockets have to get back to their winning ways starting tonight. They currently sit sixth in the Western Conference. It is the mid point of the season and with the conference being tough as usual their isn’t time for prolong losing streaks. If the Rockets can improve on these numbers they can start to climb back into contention.

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