Is Julian Edelman a Potential Hall of Famer?

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Julian Edelman has been a major part of the Patriots dynasty since he was drafted. Is Julian Edelman a potential Hall of Famer? Does he have the accolades, stats, and overall greatness to be in the Hall of Fame?


Julian Edelman is a three-time Super Bowl champion and he has one Super Bowl MVP under his belt. Edelman is one of the most productive receivers in post-season history. He ranks 2nd overall in both post-season receptions and post-season receiving yards. The main problem is he has not made a pro-bowl in his career. Most Hall of Famers has made the Pro Bowl for most of there career. This may be one of the reasons why he will not be a Hall of Famer. 


Edelman has only had three seasons where he has had over 1,000 receiving yards. His receptions where spectacular most of his career. He had over 100 receptions in two of his seasons. Injuries were alright with Edelman, he played in 131 games over his ten seasons in the NFL. Obviously Edelman is known for receiving those short passes by Tom Brady for five yards. This is what leads to his high number of receptions and a low number of receiving yards.

Dec 8, 2019; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) and New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman (11) celebrate after a touchdown during the first half against the Kansas City Chiefs at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Greatness

Edelman will forever be remembered in the hearts of all Patriots fans. He played a major roll in helping the Patriots win six Super Bowls. Edelman is one of the toughest receivers to ever play and will easily make it to the Patriots Hall of Fame. When it comes to making it to Canton Ohio I have to say no. He just does not have the stats of a Hall of Fame receiver or the pro bowls. Edelman is one of the best Patriots receivers ever, but he will not make it to Canton Ohio. 

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