Thunders three headed monster too much for the Magic


Thunders three headed Monster is tough

Thunders three headed monster of Chris Paul, Dennis Schroder, and Shai Alexander is tough. Magic did not have an answer for this lineup. Because most NBA teams do not run lineups like this every night.

The Magic hung around in this game. Even though they finished the game at 48 percent from the field and 40 percent from three point land. The Thunder shooting percentage was a seasons best 60 percent from the field and 47 percent from three point land.

Now you may ask how did the magic stay in this game? Offensive rebounds. The thunder was a -11 in that category. In fact they did not get one offensive rebound. The Thunders Achilles hill. This led to 15 second chance points to the Thunders two. This proved to not be the deciding factor. The Thunder three headed monster countered this.

The three headed monster had its way with the Orlando Magic. The guard play really helped keep the Thunder offense in gear. I loved how the offense flowed. The ball seemed to be tossed around the half court offense very effectively last night.

I also loved how they responded. The Thunder responded. When the Magic would go on a run the Thunder had a run stopper. They picked themselves back up and started to build there own run.

Guard play

The way the guards for OKC played a fantastic game. Dennis schroder dropped 31 points and shared the ball. Both keys for success. Schroder who will be the sixth man of the year was 13 for 18 from tmid-range and 3 for 4 from behind the arch. A true run stopper. He was clutch when the thunder needed him the most. Dennis played his best game of the year. Chris Paul also was a valuable asset.

Chris Paul is really a Pointgod. His mid range game really worked to perfection. His 19 points and 6 assists proved to be essential to ensure victory for the Thunders success. I loved how Chris Paul and Dennis Schroder drew the defense for open looks for teammates. Also Chris Paul was clutch in the fourth quarter. Where he drilled free throws to seal the victory.

Lu Dort defense on Evan Founier was brilliant. He covered him like a blanket. He scored six points when Lu Dort was covering him.

Shai Gilgious Alexander was awesome. He is so silky smooth when going to the hoop. Alexander was an efficient 7 for 10 from the field. In addition he was four for five from the line. Shai dropped 18 points. In fact he also grabbed 12 rebounds. Which is also a key towards success.

Big men came through

Steven Adams did not play last night. However this did not affect the free flowing Thunder offense. Nerlens played one of his best games last night. What I really liked how patient he was with the offense. By this I mean he waited for Chris Paul to draw the defender.

Moreover he slipped behind the defender and waited for the gaurds to feed him all night for 14 points. Not only did nerlens put up points but also provided 7 boards. Along with three blocks. That’s right it was a straight up block party in Orlando.

The Moose is loose

Mike (the Moose) Muscala had a star performance last night.

Muscala did this a last night. He was 4 for 4 from three. Yes you read that right. He was 100 percent from three. In addition he was 5 for 6 from the field. Mike Muscala dropped a season high for 14 points.

In Conclusion the Thunder offense was effectively efficient. They shot 60 percent from the field. Along with shooting an outstanding 47 percent from three. The Thunder defense was also very active last night. The tenacious defense caused 10 turnover and five blocks. While the Thunder did have Defensive lapses, the bend don’t break philosophy did prove successful. All of this added up to a winning road trip for the Thunder.

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