2020 NHL All Star Skills Competiton Predictions for Each Event

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Tonight at 8:00, we have the annual NHL All-Star Skills Competition, which is always fun to watch. These competitions are not only always fun to watch, but it’s still good to see your team represented, whether how good or bad they are (ahem New Jersey Devils). Let’s give my predictions on each winner for each event for tonight.

Women’s Three on Three Matchup

This is a first for the NHL, as we start to see more about how female hockey is becoming more and more noticeable by people who watch the sport. This matchup will feature the very best women players from both Canada and the USA teams. My prediction is I say the USA will win this game, simply because of them having more recognizable players like right winger Hilary Knight and forwards Kendall Coyne and Amanda Kessell.

Accuracy Shooting Event

I will be biased with this one even and go with Nico Hischier. This event is the only time the New Jersey Devils are going to represent in the All-Star event (besides playing in the game). Sure, I believe it will be hard for Nico to do well because of the other opponents in this event, but I think Nico will put up a good fight. Who knows he can beat out last year’s champion Leon Draisital

Save Streak 

If you’re a Blues fan, you’ll be pretty happy with my prediction will be Jordan Binnington winning it. Looking where Binnington is, he is in front of the home crowd tonight, so it will probably be up to him to give the crowd something special for them. Binnington is also coming off a season where he won a Stanley Cup. He better show why he can be a future hall of fame goaltender to the other goalies.

NHL Shooting Stars

We may not know who will represent the women’s players in this event yet, but I will give them the best of luck in this event. For me, though, I will take Ryan O’Reilly tonight. Like Binnington, I think O’Reilly will give the crowd a particular show. I believe it will also be a mini matchup like last year’s Stanley Cup final with him and David Pastrnak going at it. 

Fastest Skater

This event is always fierce because Connor McDavid always wins this event. Someone new has to win this event. My prediction for that person to beat McDavid is Jack Eichel. He known for having a lot of speed, plus these two have been very close before, so my pick will go to Eichel. Everyone is rooting for you tonight, Jack.

Hardest Shot

We now come to my favorite event, which is the hardest shot. My pick for this event will go to Shea Weber. Weber has known in the past for being the right person for this event.

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