NWA Powerr Review: 01/22/20

Villain Enterprises closes this week's episode of NWA Powerr with a message for Nick Aldis

Welcome back to another episode of NWA, this week we have a huge main event:

Ricky Morton vs Nick Aldis for the NWA title!

But first, let’s go to David Marquez:

Interview With One Half of the NWA Tag Team Champs: Robert Gibson


“Ricky is like a brother to me, I am his number one fan, and we are all rooting for him!”

A very quick interview, kind of weird, but now onto more important things.

Thunder Rosa vs Tasha Steelz

Very quick start to the match, with Steelz trying to get the upper hand.

However, Rosa is too much and takes control of the match.

Thunder Rosa hits a cool triple variation of a neckbreaker, but that only pumps up Steelz.

She goes to the top rope but gets a dropkick counter from Rosa.

Rosa hits the Fire Thunder Driver and we have a winner!

Post-Match & Comments

As usual, Rosa looks super impressive and quickly takes the win.

Steelz got some offense but that was no match for a competitor like T.R.

Marquez quickly asks Rosa about Melina but she tells him to go ask her himself.

A very fast start to this show.

Could they be hurrying things up to have a long main even match?


Marty Scurll has been announced to appear at the NWA Powerr show on Jan 26th!

Nick Aldis requests all of the NWA fans to show up to the ROH Free Enterprise show in Baltimore because he will be there himself!

This sounds like a fun NWA invasion and I like it a lot!

Royce Issacs With Mae Valentine Interview by NWA’s Joe Galli


“Nick is the world champion, he is doing great, Strictly Business is booming!”

“I get it, there are wins and losses but some of us don’t worry about that, just about our stock going up!”


“The common denominator in all of your losses is Mae Valentine!”


“Are you trying to imply that I am losing because Mae and I have yet to sleep together?”


“There is nothing wrong with being pure and making your man wait.”

Next on NWA: Thom Latimer vs Trevor Murdoch

Trevor comes into the ring with a mean-looking face but Thom goes after him immediately.

Thom is staying very aggressively, and Murdoch seems to be out of this.

Latimer sends Trevor to the ropes, and picks him up for a pop-up powerbomb!

1, 2, nooo!

He is now striking Murdoch in the corner, sends him to the turnbuckle,

He goes after him but misses! Trevor rolls him up, holds the tights, and he steals a victory!

Post-Match & Comments

Trevor Murdoch did not land a single move or punch in the entire match!

That was a very impressive win.

Thom was super aggressive throughout the match and never stopped attacking.

He made a small mistake and that ended up costing him the win.

I hope we keep seeing this side of Latimer in the ring.

I am a fan of Murdoch and you can say this was a lucky win.

NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay Comes Face to Face With Melina


“I asked you out to make sure we have no miscommunications.”

“You’ve been itching to get someone from my family and I will give you what you want.”

“A match for the title…. with… Thunder Rosa!”


“That’s exactly what I wanted, give me Rosa, right now!”


“No, that’s not going to happen, not until the PPV!”

“But first, you have to beat your ex-best friend, in a no DQ match, RIGHT NOW!”


“Bring her out and let’s get it on!”

“You won’t escape me forever!”

NWA Powerr: No DQ Match!

Here we go, Allysin Kay vs Marti Belle!

Bell rings, and Marti starts the match super aggressive!

The match rolls to the outside, and Belle slams Kay head first onto the steel steps!

Marti heads to the back, and she brings a chair with her and hits Kay with it!

She then sets it up and puts the champs head in it. She applies a submission hold!

Belle then sits Kay up on the chair and runs into her, but misses!

Allysin is now in control and is bringing the chair with her into the ring.

Marti begs for mercy, the champ is hesitating and drops the chair!

However, Belle goes for the chair, which angers Kay, who hits the sitout driver on the chair.

1, 2, 3 and this match is over!

Post-Match & Comments

The match was very fun, lots of aggressiveness by both competitors.

Since Kay was victorious, this means Thunder Rosa is getting a championship shot!

That is very good news, and I am very excited about this match.

I understand they are building the Melina feud, so Rosa will probably lose her match.

But, we can all try to keep our hopes up.

The match was solid, and the chair was used multiple times.

Because it was a no DQ match, I was expecting a run-in, but that never came.

Good job by both wrestlers!

The Pope Comes Out with Eddie Kingston to Talk to the NWA Crowd


“I put people in a position to succeed!”

“If Pope can push you, he will! Now, someone asked me what was the end game!”

“The Pope is still looking for his superpower, and when I find them, we will bring change to the NWA!”


“First off, don’t question our abilities!”

“Pope pushed us and we shouldn’t have had the match, but I don’t blame nobody!”

“He was right and we should have gotten the victory, but we don’t lose, we learn!”

Karate Demonstration on NWA Powerr


“The following is a karate demonstration, and I ask you to show respect for my Sensei:

“The Question Mark!”

“Do not call him a Mark, he is not one!”

“If you would like to learn karate, you can visit the Question Mark Dojo.”

“For only $99 a week, you can also learn the secrets!”

“First, the KATA!”

“That was one of the deadliest martial art moves in the world!”

“When things get wild at home…”

“All of these techniques will save your lives!”

Before the Question Mark can demonstrate the most lethal move, Aron interrupts:

“I am ready Master, I can now earn my fourth-degree belt!”

Stevens is going for the Mongrovian spike to break the wooden board but…

One of the students attacks him!

It is Ricky Starks!


“I never, ever, forget!”

Post-Match & Comments

This was blasphemy! How dare Ricky interrupt this demonstration of Karatey?

This was an amazing segment by Aron and the Question Mark!

Unfortunately, they never mentioned where the Dojo was, so we cannot go and sign up.

I hope we are able to get more information on this.

We really need to learn Mongrovian martial arts!

That was the best segment of the year!

NWA TV Title Qualifying Last Change Gauntlet

Eight men will wrestle tonight. Two men start in the ring and every two minutes someone will come in.

Competitors can be eliminated by pin, submission, or getting thrown over the top rope.

CW Anderson & Caleb Konley will start things off.

Both wrestlers go at each other evenly for two minutes, with not a lot of action.

Jocephus is the third competitor and he gets eliminated immediately.

Superplex by CW Anderson on Caleb and before he can make the pin.

Colt Cabana enters the match!

He is almost eliminated immediately as well, but holds on to the ropes!

Dave Dawson comes in as the fifth participant and splashes all the wrestlers in the corner.

What a surprise! Here comes Aron Stevens as the sixth participant.

Everyone is down, Stevens just rolls to the outside and hides under the ring!

While this happens, Zicky Dice comes out and says he is going to go watch BC Square!

Sal Rinauro is now in and he almost eliminates Caleb!

He hits a stunner on CW, and a Pele kick on Cabana! Sal is on fire!

Rinauro goes to the top rope, slips, and looks to have injured his knee.

Caleb does a moonsault and pins Dawson to eliminate him.

Mr. Anderson is the final competitor and he is cleaning house!

He connects with the mic check on Sal to eliminate him!

Ken hits another mic check and now eliminates Caleb.

CW goes for a kick on Anderson, but Cabana gets in the way and saves him!

Superman pin and CW is eliminated!

Cabana and Anderson are the final two, but the Question Mark is now here!

Stevens sneaks back in the ring and takes Cabana and Anderson out.

He holds them so the Question Mark can hit a double Mongrovian spike but,

They move, and he hits Stevens instead, and gets eliminated!

The distraction is enough for Anderson to roll up Cabana and win the match.

Post-Match & Comments

With the help of the tights, Mr. Anderson wins the match.

However, Colt did not approve of this and is now yelling at Ken.

However, he shakes his hand and hugs him in the end.

But, kick by Anderson and the mic check, and this friendship is over!

But Anderson is not finished! and he hits another Mic Check onto the steel post!


Caleb looked very impressive in this match.

Sal was very good as well, but I don’t know if his injury was real or not, which got him eliminated.

The ending was amazing, with Aron on the receiving end of a double Mongrovian spike.

Can you imagine what a double Mongrovian spike can do?

Poor Stevens! He will be out for days after that one.

Post-match was even better, and it was about time that happened.

Glad to see Mr. Anderson back as a super heel.

Interview with James Storm and Eli Drake


“Let me talk to you!”

“Tonight, you are looking at the Cowboy and Drake, and we will crown Ricky Morton the new NWA champion!”


“Tonight is about the man, the myth, the legend: Ricky Morton!”

“He made me want to become a tag-team wrestler!”

“And he showed that the underdog can beat the big dog if he has the will, the drive, and the heart.”

“Ricky Morton is hyped up on Mountain Dew, and he will be all over you like a spider monkey!”

“Dear Lord, please give the strength to Ricky, to kick the living crap out of Nick Aldis!”

“In sweet baby Jesus’ name, we pray!”


Yes, Ricky Bobby quotes! Love it!

NWA Main Event

Ricky Morton vs Nick Aldis for the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

There are about fifteen minutes left in this match, so this match can be a good one.

This has really been a long episode of NWA Powerr, but let’s get things going.

Billy Corgan just joined the commentary table and tells Stu Bennet something.


“I’m afraid that I’ve got some b… breaking news because all the seconds are now banned from ringside!”

Bell rings!

Nick Aldis quickly gets out of the ring and he just starts walking around and wasting time.

The NWA crowd is really into the match and are now on their feet!

Ricky locks in a headlock, Nick tries to counter but he won’t let go!

The champ is finally able to get out and he asks Ricky for a test of strength.

Nick tries to do a sneak attack, but Ricky rakes the eyes and stays in control!

The champ once again has to roll to the outside and regroup.

Ricky goes after him, but Nick catches him and slams him into the post.

Aldis is now in full control and he is taking his time to punish Ricky.

He is now going to the top rope, but Ricky counters and throws him down!

Morton is now locking in the figure four and the champ is in the middle of the ring!

Aldis reaches the ropes and the referee has to break the hold.

The champ charges at Morton who counters with a small package, but Aldis reverses it and grabs the tights and…

This match is over!

Post-Match and Comments

Show closes with an ROH invasion graphic, with a message to Nick from Villain Enterprise.


Wow, I was definitely not expecting Ricky Morton to land so many offensive moves.

He looked very good in the ring and I take it all back.

This was an entertaining match and I did enjoy it.

Nick was his cocky self and he barely got some offense in during the match.

A very long show, but a great ending to it. Glad it ended this way.

Overall, a very solid show, with lots of action and good matches.

Looking forward to next week and ready to see what is next.

I am a big fan of this cross-promotion interaction between ROH and NWA, and are really excited for what’s to come!

Thank you again for stopping by and reading our review/recap.

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