All Star Weekend: Top 3 Canucks Moments


With the 2020 NHL All Star festivities in the rear-view mirror, it is time to reflect on how our Canucks did!

With three Vancouver Canucks in the All Star game for the first time since 2012 it was inevitable that we would get some fun moments. The three representatives in Elias Pettersson, Quinn Hughes and Jacob Markstrom did not disappoint.

Furthermore, here are the top three Canucks moments from the weekend!

3. Pettersson’s Scary Shot

The young Swedish center was the only forward set to test the power of his shot. Furthermore, other competitors consisted of rugged blueline vets like Shea Weber and Mark Giordano. As a result, these competitors and most fans alike would’ve projected Pettersson not to contend with the power of their shots. Canucks fans knew better.

Pettersson came in with a ferocious 102.4 mph slap shot which would be hard enough to tie him for second place. Above all, the reaction from his fellow all stars and the fans is what made this moment unforgettable.

Canucks fans will be looking forward to seeing Pettersson shock crowds as an All Star for years to come. Furthermore, Pettersson’s shot takes the number three spot on this list!

2. Generational Entertainment

Kevin Bieksa is one of the most beloved Canucks in franchise history. When Canucks fans found out that he was going to be covering the festivities there was instant excitement. He is one of the best personalities currently involved in NHL media and there was sure to be some entertaining moments.

One of the best Bieksa interviews came on Friday when he spoke with Pettersson on the ice. Bieksa always brings humor and it was nice to see him interacting with current Canucks.

With three Canucks on the team, Bieksa was bound to have some fun interactions.

“Can you juggle and talk at the same time?” is definitely not a question that athletes typically hear. Additionally, the fact that it was Bieksa asking the question made all the more hilarious for Canucks fans. This was the second most entertaining moment from the weekend.

1. “That young lad’s a defenceman?” ~ Wayne Gretzky

All of the Pacific Division players were very lucky to be on the same bench as the ‘Great One’ Wayne Gretzky. Furthermore, I’m sure that they would all have been very excited to hear what feed back he had for them. With this being said, Quinn Hughes may have garnered the most impressive complement from Gretzky.

After Hughes slid in an absolutely beautiful Peter Forsberg style goal, Gretzky was caught off guard. Gretzky was surprised that someone with offensive prowess like that could be a defenceman.

This praise will likely be remembered by Canucks nation for many years to come. More importantly, it will be cherished by Hughes for the rest of his life. Don’t be surprised to see this highlight pop up when the next All Star Game rolls around.

It’s not every day that someone’s hockey abilities surprise the greatest hockey player of all time. Above all else, this was a special moment.

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