NXT Review 01/22/20

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We are live from Full Sail University for another NXT episode!

With only a few days away from World’s Collide and the Royal Rumble, this should be a good one.

Semifinal match one of the NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic

The Undisputed Era will take on the Grizzled Young Veterans in the semifinals of the NXT Dusty Rhodes classic

We start things off with the Undisputed Era taking on the Grizzled Young Veterans.

Fish and O’Riley work on James Drake throughout the match, with several near falls.

Mainly focusing on Gibson’s left leg.

O’Riley goes for the figure four, but Drake counters and is able to tag in Gibson.

The Grizzled Young Veterans show off their tag-team skills and take both members of UE out and,

We go to commercial break.

Commercial break

Bobby Fish gets the tag, and he is cleaning house, and hits an exploder suplex on Drake onto Gibson!

However, Gibson counters with an enziguri, climbs to the top rope and the mercy side drop!

But, Fish counters into an ankle submission hold, but Drake helps Gibson reach the ropes!

Fish follows up with a samoan drop and attempts a moonsault from the top rope but,

Misses! Drake gets the tag, and lands a dropkick, followed up by a suplex by Gibson, 1,2, noo!

O’Riley makes the blind tag, and they hit a suplex/kick combo on Gibson for a two count.

All four competitors are now in the ring, and they are going at it!

Forearm exchange between Fish and Drake, and another blind tag by O’Riley.

Pop-up kicks to the sternum! UE is now going for the high-low but,

Imperium’s music hits!

With the distraction, The Grizzled Young Veterans hit the Ticket to Mayhem.

And this match is over!

Post-Match & Comments

Undisputed Era is furious, and are calling out Imperium, but nothing happens.


That was really the right move, with the Grizzled Young Veterans moving to the finals.

They are a great tag-team and really need more exposure, so I am glad to see them make the finals.

Besides, NXT UK desperately needed a win to pick up movement in the tournament.

The match was very technical, with Undisputed Era working on Gibson’s leg for most of the match.

With the hot tag, things started picking up, and made the match better.

The match was a bit over thirteen minutes, so very decent time given as well.

With Imperium interfering, they are really pushing for this World’s Collide encounter.

Looking forward to that match!

I am guessing, Undisputed Era will now cost Imperium their semi-finals match.

Thus giving us a Dunne/Riddle vs Grizzled Young Veterans finals.

Toni Storm vs Io Shirai

Oh my! What a match we are going to get! This one could be a big one.

Match starts very technically, with a lot of back and forth action!

Both competitors seem evenly matched until Io, lands a vicious dropkick on Toni!

Io is in full control, and she did mentioned she would beat Storm so bad,

She would replace her in the title match at World’s Collide.

Shirai lands a fury of kicks in the corner, and follows with a double knee!

She tries to finish Storm, but she counters with a release german suplex.

Storm Zero attempt, but a counter by Io, but Storm counters as well and connects with a huge lariat.

Toni knocks Io to the outside, and is now going for a Tope but,

Bianca Belair attacks her out of nowhere, and this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

Huge spear by Bianca and she is snapping on Storm, and takes out Io as well.

Belair hits the K.O.D. on Storm and starts to dance and celebrate but,

THIS IS MY BRUTALITY hits, and here comes Rhea! The NXT women’s champ is here!

Rhea gets in the ring, but Bianca knocks her down, they are going at it!

But here comes Io, springboard drop kick on Rhea, she then sends Belair to the outside and,

Moonsault to the outside! Io is fired up, but Toni dives to the outside and takes her out!

Storm goes back to the ring, picks up the belt and celebrates.


Io and Toni have some history together, so if they would have let this match go, we could have seen something great.

I get that they are delaying this matches for a Takeover, but still.

With so much chaos happening at the end of the match, I can see a fatal four soon.

Regal does need to make some type of match, and I’m sure it will happen.

For those that do not follow NXT UK, Storm took the belt away from Rhea, so she already has a win over her.

That match is definitely going to be fun and worth the watch.

The NXT Prince is here

This looks like a squash match, as Joaquin Wilde will take on Finn Balor.

I hope I am wrong, as this could be a fun match if given the time.

Bell rings and Finn attacks Wilde and is showing a lot of aggressiveness.

Balor is stomping away at Joaquin and the ref has to step in!

Dropkick on Wilde, The Coup de Grace, 1916, and this match is over.

Post-Match & Comments

Well, I was right, this match lasted less than four minutes.

Lots of aggressiveness by Balor and a statement win for him.

He sure was sending a message to Johnny Gargano on this one.

Finn has a lot on his plate with some potential excellent matches to come.

He faces Ilja Dragunov at World’s Collide and Gargano on February 16th at NXT Takeover.

I really cannot wait for those matches.

Shayna Baszler vs Shotzi Blackheart

Match starts with Shotzi trying to land a couple of moves, but Shayna counters them all.

She then starts to work on Shotzi’s arm limbs and throws her to the outside.

(Is Shayna practicing for the Royal Rumble?)

Baszler starts to attack Blackheart on the outside with fists and knees.

Shayna then locks in the Coquina Clutch, but Shotzi escapes!

She hits a huge tornado ddt on Shayna and the queen of spades is down!

Enziguri by Shotzi and then slams Baszler down and hits a cannonball senton modifier!

Blackheart is headed to the top rope, but Shayna knocks her down, but,

Shotzi is able to counter and hit a sliced bread number two on the apron!

Shayna is down! Blackheart to the top rope, but misses a senton and immediately,

Baszler locks in the coquina clutch and this one looks to be over, and it is!

Post-Match & Comments

I am so excited to see Shotzi on NXT, she will soon be at the top and will dominate.

This match was ok, nothing special, but I did think Shotzi would win.

Since she eliminated Shayna, I was expecting this feud to last until Takeover.

However, since I am sure that Baszler will show up in the Royal Rumble, this could have been her last match.

Semi-Finals match of the NXT Dusty Rhodes tag-team Classic

Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle will face Imperium, next!

The Broserweights working perfectly as a unit, and putting in a lot of tandem moves early on.

Riddle with a gut wrench on Aichner, and then he hits one on Barthel!

Tag to Dunne who hits a german suplex and a stomp on Barthel.

Aichner comes from behind and hits a german suplex, but Dunne lands on his feet!

He then jumps to the outside and connects with a moonsault on Barthel!

Aichner tries to attack Pete, but he throws him on the apron, and here comes Walter!

We have a stare down, but the Ref steps in!

With the distraction, Barthel and Aichner take out Dunne.

And we go to commercial break.

Commercial Break

Back from break and Barthel is on the top rope, he dives onto Dunne but,

Counter forearm and both men are down, and Pete tags in Riddle!

Riddle with kicks and superman punches, pele kicks and exploder suplexes!

The combo machine is on fire! Broton on Aichner and on Barthel.

He tags in Dunne and they hit a double kick to Fabian’s face.

They are going for their finisher, but Aichner counters and tags in Barthel.

Double knee to Riddles face, but can only get a two count.

Imperium starts to talk trash, which allows Riddle to hit a double knee and tags in Dunne.

And we have a double submission on Imperium! Both are able to get out but,

The broserweight hit a double spear! Riddle follows up with a jackhammer in the ring! 1,2, noooo!

Matt goes to the top rope, but Aichner counters with some slaps, and is going for a hurricarana but,

Dunne tries to help him, but gets knocked down, and Barthel sends Riddle into the spine buster!

Imperium is going for the european bomb, but reversal by Riddle!

German suplex, final flash, power bomb and step up knee to Aichner!

Tag to Dunne, tandem offense finisher, and this match is over!

Post-Match & Comments

Wow, so Undisputed Era did not cost Imperium the match.

That was a lot of fun, maybe about fifteen minutes of it.

I enjoyed the match, with a lot of high impact moves.

Dunne and Riddle are so good together, and it will be fun until it lasts.

I have a feeling that this could be another turn in the final, maybe Dunne turning on Riddle.

Thus giving us a long program until NXT Takeover.

Post match interview with Dunne telling the Grizzled Young Veterans that they have never beaten him.

Which leads me to believe my prediction can come true.

Overall, the show has been ok, like I said last week, my expectations have been taken so high as of late.

That I am constantly expecting great to excellent matches.

I should really ease down a bit, but the main event will make me change my mind.

Here we go!

Main Event: NXT North American Championship match

There are over 20 minutes left on tonight’s show, this could be a memorable match.

Bask in his glory hits, and here comes Keith Lee!

(I have a feeling, Imperium might get involved, either making this a DQ or costing Strong the title.)

Match starts with Lee overpowering Strong, who has to roll to the outside to re-group.

We go to commercial break

Commercial Break

Back from break and Strong is going off the ropes and cross-body by Lee!

Roderick rolls to the outside to re-group once again, but Lee goes after him.

The rest of the UE distracts him, which allows Strong to kick Lee down.

Strong is now focusing on Lee’s ankle, and slams it on the steel steps.

He now locks in an ankle lock in the middle of the ring!

Lee is able to get out, but Strong comes in with multiple blows to the head to take Lee down.

And another commercial break

Commercial Break

About ten minutes let on NXT and we are back from break.

Keith Lee just powerslammed Strong, but is clearly struggling with his ankle.

He still manages to one-hand spirit bomb Roderick, who ends up rolling to the outside.

Once again, the rest of UE distracts Lee, and Strong connects with a huge DDT!

1, 2, noooo!

Both competitors are now exchanging strikes, and Lee gets the upper hand!

He is now going to the top rope for a moonsault, but Strong counters and Super Olympic Slam!

He then locks in the ankle lock once again in the middle of the ring.

With the help of the NXT Universe, Lee is able to get to the ropes and now,

Both competitors are exchanging blows once again, but the rest of UE gets involved!

With the distraction, Strong hits a huge knee and a kick to the face, 1, 2, nooo!

Last shot attempt, but Keith picks him up, and delivers a huge powerslam.

1, 2, 3!! Yess! We have a new NXT North American Champion.

The prophecy is over!

Post-Match & Comments

We have a new champion, and his name is Keith Lee.

The commercials took a lot away from the match, I still enjoyed it, but I was expecting more.

Undisputed Era got involved several times, but they could not solve the Limitless Keith Lee.

Glad he is finally able to wear gold!

What is next for Undisputed Era? Could this be the beginning of the end?

Tonight, NXT will all Bask in his Glory!

And Imperium is now at ringside!

It is on! Everyone is going at it, we have chaos!

Walter with a HUGE chop on Cole! And everyone is going mad!

NXT goes off the air, as ever member of each faction keeps fighting against each other!

World’s Collide is going to be huge, the card is super stacked!

It is a must see, and you do not want to miss this show.

Thanks for stopping by, see you next week!

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