Scouting Report: Josh Green

Player Profile: 

Position: SG/SF

Measurements: 6’6, 210 lbs, 6’10 wingspan.

Draft Age: 19.59 (November 16, 2000)

Background: Josh Green hails from Sydney, Australia… Led IMG to the national championship during his high school career… Grew up playing basketball and Australian Football and has an older brother playing for UNLV… Moved to Arizona from Australia just before high school and became solely focused on basketball… Freshman wing that plays for the Arizona Wildcats alongside fellow freshmen Nico Mannion and Zeke Nnaji.

Personality: Josh Green is hard working, focused, positive, humble, and a great teammate and leader. He will fit in any locker room and contribute positively to team morale. He does not complain or hang his head often, and has a mature way of carrying himself. This ESPN piece below on Green gives a lot of insight into his journey and personality:

Athleticism: Josh Green is an exceptional athlete for a wing. He has all the athletic tools needed to be a really solid player such as elite body control and great speed. His strength is still developing, but he has a frame that can carry more muscle with ease. He elevates off of one foot very well when he has a full head of steam and can throw down some powerful dunks.

Projected 2020 Draft Landing: 14-20

Statistics (Via SportReference):

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 8.40.30 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 8.40.40 PM.png


Potential Roles: Off-Ball Scorer, Secondary or Tertiary Playmaker, Major Transition Threat, Glue Guy.


  • Open Court Offense: Green excels when he has plenty of spacing to operate, which is promising regarding his transition to the NBA. Naturally, in the open court he is lethal, (84th percentile in transition). When Green is able to play off of his athleticism he seems to be the most comfortable, and it shows in transition.
  • Shooting Upside: Though Green does not project as an elite shooter, his 78% free throw percentage is encouraging regarding his shooting upside. Mechanically, he can be inconsistent based on the situation. He sits around the 78th percentile in spot up scenarios, despite issues with form and consistency. His issues seem correctable, and when he looks comfortable he certainly looks the part of a very effective NBA wing.
  • Playmaking Instincts/Vision: Despite only averaging roughly 2.5 assists per game, Josh Green has often flashed impressive instincts for a secondary playmaker. He is an expert at catching and redirecting passes to open teammates while in mid-air. He has a keen understanding of how the defense will collapse as he slashes, and often utilizes this to find bigs on drop-down passes in a variety of ways that others seldom attempt.
  • Above Average Handle: Green has an effective enough handle to get to his spots offensively and take defenders off the dribble. However, when he gets to the paint he gets bumped off his spots rather easily and needs to improve his finishing of course. His handle is not a major limiting factor in his development which is great for a wing.
  • Vertical Threat in Space: When Green has time to load, he can be an effective lob target off of cuts. Furthermore, if he gets downhill when slashing he can finish dunks or contorted layups in space. He can space vertically off of one or two feet as a spring or speed jumper.

Improvement Areas:

  • Shooting Consistency: Green’s shot could use some fine tuning for consistency. Currently, he is rather streaky as he has the tendency to fade and lose his square-up when contested. When wide open, he has a much simpler release that is typically effective. However, the difference between that and his other attempts is rather large at times. His release is a bit flat for my taste, but it looks good when it goes in. Most likely, Josh will never be an elite shooter who relies solely on his jumpshot. However, he will have a serviceable one nonetheless.
  • Finishing and Slashing Versatility: Green flashed a myriad of advanced finishes and powerful dunks throughout his high school career. However,, they have been relatively absent this year at Arizona. He settles far too often for quick straight line drives with little control. He puts too much faith in his interior touch and superior athleticism. Consequently, he forgets to mix it up on occasion (which typically goes well). While they are valuable tools, Green would really benefit from mixing up his game down low when slashing. He could begin by working on normalizing hop steps, euro steps and a floater game. This would keep defenses from predicting him so easily. Also, it was more prevalent in his high school career. Open court offense and spacing was the name of the game. With less space to operate and a more halfcourt setting, Green’s slashing has not been as impressive. The game has yet to slow down on the interior for him, but when it does, his offensive production could make a jump. This could be a major limiting factor in furthering his offensive production, and he should focus on furthering this skillset immediately in order to utilize his tools to the max.
  • Shot Creation: Green mostly relies on others to create opportunities for him to score. He is at his best offensively when he can spot up in catch and shoot scenarios and operate off of cuts. Despite his above average handle for a wing, he has struggled at the collegiate level to create consistently off the dribble. This is the main trait that causes many to project josh Green as a complementary role player, whether that be off the bench or in a starting lineup.


Potential Roles: 3-Position High Level Perimeter Defender, Lockdown POA Defender


  • Defensive IQ: Green consistently makes smart plays on the defensive end, and remains focused and committed despite the situation. He will contribute immediately to any defensive scheme at the next level with seamless integration. His defensive floor is much higher than many other freshman wings.
  • Versatility: Green has the potential to defend multiple perimeter positions with his combination of size, strength, length, and lateral quickness. As he strengthens up, I can see him consistently defending the 1 through 3 positions at an NBA level. He also plays excellent help defense, especially on slashing guards. Also, while his point-of-attack defense is undoubtedly his best, he defends off the ball very well.
  • Defensive Impact: Notably, Green has a 2.8% STL% and +4.9 DBPM. He generates extra possessions frequently whilst being a disruptor defensively. Green seldom makes mistakes that lead to easy buckets and does not gamble to the point where he cannot recover. Furthermore, he also has incredibly active hands on and off the ball which generate many deflections. He makes consistent, heady, winning plays on the defensive end that will add value to any team.
  • Lockdown Defender Potential: Green has all of the tools needed to potentially become a lockdown defender at his ceiling at the NBA level. He moves his hips well, reads offensive sets effectively, has nice length, and moves and recovers really well laterally on closeouts. His focus and aggression make an excellent combination for his mental approach.

Improvement Areas:

  • Post-Turnover Play: It is quite difficult to find a flaw in Josh Greens defensive game. Occasionally, Green can get a bit wild once he secures a steal or gets a deflection. While his aggression is excellent, he needs to learn when to slow the game down and control loose balls rather than constantly pushing. There are quite a few instances where he plays perfect defense up until the point of the turnover… He needs to develop a better feel for when to push or control himself and the pace post-turnover.

Overall Outlook:

Josh Green projects to be a star role player due to his ability to play off the ball and defend multiple positions at a high level. His ceiling is above average for a wing, as he has the tools to become a really solid slasher along with untapped upside as a shooter. The key to his fit is that he does not need the ball in his hands constantly to make a winning impact. He will generate extra possessions, make shots, and playmake at a secondary or tertiary level. He will be quite a value pick (especially) should he not go in the lottery, as surefire, winning, impact role players with upside (bench or starting) are a valued commodity.

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