Royal Rumble 2020 – Overview

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Every sport has its significant events that define their years. For the NFL, it is the SuperBowl. In the NHL, it is the Stanley Cup. For the WWE, it is Wrestlemania. However, the road to Wrestlemania officially kicks off with the Royal Rumble. The winners in these matches are solidified into a match at the highlight of the WWE year. Let’s take a look at the most prominent attractions for this Sunday’s event.

Big Kickoff Show

Before this year’s Royal Rumble kicks off, there will be a large two-hour kickoff show. Besides kickoff matches, they will be going over the past month’s stories and build up to Wrestlemania. As well as some surprise guest spots to be certain as the Royal Rumble usually brings in some of the best from the past to make appearances.

The Woman’s Royal Rumble

The 2020 Royal Rumble will again have two rumble matches. One for the men and one for the women. The women have been proving in every PPV event that they can and do keep up with the men. Thirty women will enter the ring, and the winner will have a guaranteed spot at WrestleMania. As well as some of the biggest names entering, there are sure to be surprises as the clock counts down to zero for the next participant. Some stars may come over from NXT, declaring their move to the bigger brands. There can also be old stars returning to make their return. We will have to wait and see who makes it and is the last woman standing.

Bray Wyatt (The Fiend) vs. Daniel Bryan

In an emotional match for the Universal Championship, Daniel Bryan will challenge champion Bray Wyatt‘s persona, The Fiend, in a strap match. Both men will be attached to each other by a leather strap throughout the match. Besides the obvious that neither man can escape the other, the strap can and has been used as a weapon. Adding a strong element to see who can survive long enough to emerge victorious in this match.

The tension between these two men has been growing and growing, culminating in The Fiend for the first time, retreating as he thought to attack Kane. But as Kane stood his ground, Daniel Bryan attacked The Fiend from behind and followed him ‘to hell’. Returning the favor and grabbing a handful of The Fiend’s hair as he had done to Bryan weeks earlier. Can Bryan keep that momentum up to win the match, or will The Fiend take the rage he felt on the last Smackdown and destroy Bryan?

Becky Lynch vs. Asuka

Current Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch has had few hurdles in her WWE career thus far that she couldn’t overcome. However, the likes of Asuka seems to be a puzzle that she has yet to solve. Can it be that she hasn’t had enough time to study her technique? Or of course, it could be the mind games that Asuka is very good at. Combine that with her in-ring skill, and she may well walk out of the Royal Rumble, the new women’s champion.

Lynch has been seemingly shaken by Asuka for weeks, on top of losing in the ring. The green mist attack that Asuka has been using has very little defense. It has also gotten so badly into Lynch’s head that she has publically stated she doesn’t know if she can beat Asuka. Of course, all this could be a ruse and her own head game. She is making Asuka more confident than she should be and then surprising her with a strong attack. Either way, Lynch will have a strong fight on her hands to keep her title, as mind games aside, Asuka’s in-ring skills are not to be denied.

Bottom Line

With these and the other matches listed on the Royal Rumble’s card, it should be an exciting night of action. Again, keep watch for surprise appearances, returns from injury. And as always, there can be a loyalty turn, especially during the rumbles themselves. Where it is truly every man, or woman, for themselves.

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