MLB Closer Entrance Songs, Ranked

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One of the perks of being a closer in the MLB is picking your own entrance song. The best entrance songs fire up the crowd and players. The music can become iconic for sending stadiums into a ruckus, or for it’s comedic effects. Additionally, the best songs not only are energizing, but they also instill fear into opposing hitters. Heading into the 2020 season, here are the rankings of the entrance songs used throughout the league.

26. Wade Davis, COL –– Ackrite by Dr. Dre, feat. Hittman

Unsurprisingly, Davis and his 8.65 ERA land at the bottom of this list. It’s hard to envision this song firing anyone up. Although the rapping is decent, the beat is very basic and provides no energy.

25. Hector Neris, PHI –– Buma Ban Ven by Musicologo El Libro

The opening five seconds have decent energy, which is an upgrade over Davis’ choice. However, there is almost none after that.

24. Edwin Diaz, NYM –– No Hay Limite by Miky Woodz

The opening couple of seconds of the song make it sound as if it would make a good entrance. However, it doesn’t build up to anything that could energize a crowd.

23. Joe Jimenez, DET –– Chambea by Bad Bunny

This is another song that really lacks energy. While the singing is intense sounding, the instrumental doesn’t back it up.

22. Alex Colome, CWS –– Liberace by Farruko

Colome’s choice isn’t as bad as the ones ranked lower than his, but it still isn’t good. It doesn’t have a game-like feel, and no part of it seems like it would fire anyone up.

21. Jose Leclerc, TEX –– Real Guerrero by Secreto “El Famoso Biberon”

Similarly to Jimenez’s choice, the instrumental doesn’t back up the vocals. The piano doesn’t help the song out at all.

20. Brad Hand, CLE –– Paul Revere by Beastie Boys

Of all the good Beastie Boys options, Hand probably picked the weakest one. MCA’s rapping is great, but there’s no instrumental to back it up besides the drums.

19. Raisel Iglesias, CIN –– Yo Lo Se by Yomil y El Dany

This is a solid choice by Iglesias. The energy in the vocals is backed up nicely by the instrumentals, and this has the sound of a song that could at least get some people to dance.

18. Roberto Osuna, HOU –– La Player (Bandolera) by Zion & Lennox

Similar to Iglesias’ choice, this song has a nice vibe to it. It’s got a strong beat that could fire people up.

17. Kirby Yates, SD –– Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley & The Wailers

While this may not be a conventional entrance song, it’s pretty good. It gets the crowd in a mood to dance, especially with Yates’ lights-out performance this past season.

16. Taylor Rogers, MIN –– Honky Tonk Time Machine by George Strait

Rogers’ choice is similar to Yates in the way that it sets more of a mood for dancing. However, it brings more energy to the table, which makes a difference.

15. Mychal Givens, BAL –– Ready or Not by Fugees

The intro to this song is great, which is the main reason why it’s ranked as highly as it is. The instrumental isn’t much, but the vocals are great for a closer’s entrance.

14. Archie Bradley, ARI –– Public Service Announcement by JAY-Z

This is a strong choice by Bradley, as this is one of the few songs on here with strong instrumentals and vocals.

13. Brandon Workman, BOS –– Runnin’ Outta Moonlight by Randy Houser

Normally, country music isn’t favored as much by critics, but Workman made a great choice with this one. While it’s slightly more upbeat, it still sets a good mood for a closer trying to shut the door on a ballgame.

12. Ken Giles, TOR –– King of the Ring by Adrenaline Mob

The intro isn’t great, but the intense guitar playing always makes for a great entrance. This is one of the angrier sounding entrance songs in the league.

11. Emilio Pagan, TB –– Bad Man (feat. Austin Jenckes) by Esterly

Any song that has thumping and clapping tends to make for a good entrance. The vocals are nicely backed up by the beat too.

10. Liam Hendriks, OAK –– We Will Kill the Breathe of Bangarang by Queen vs. RATM vs. Prodigy vs. Skrillex

If this song wasn’t so confusing, it would be ranked higher. However, it is a pretty good mash-up of various different songs that all can fire up crowds.

9. Daniel Hudson, WAS –– Figure.09 by Linkin Park

This is a great choice. A really good guitar intro with intense lyrics, it’s pretty easy to envision how this could get people pumped up.

8. Ian Kennedy, KC –– Sad but True by Metallica

Most Metallica songs are great for entrances. While it’s not the best Metallica song, it stacks up well, compared to the rest of the league.

7. Craig Kimbrel, CHC –– Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns ‘N Roses

For a long time, Kimbrel used “Welcome to the Jungle”, which is a far superior entrance song. However, this is still a good choice, mainly because of the iconic guitar solo intro.

6. Will Smith, ATL/Jordan Hicks, STL –– Stranglehold by Ted Nugent

Despite being over eight minutes long, this is an excellent choice. A great guitar solo always sets a good tone, and Nugent’s lyrics add a lot to it.

5. Hansel Robles, LAA –– Rest In Peace (Undertaker) by WWE

Although this is entirely an instrumental, it’s intense. Robles gets bonus points for the video that accompanies his entrance.

4. Aroldis Chapman, NYY –– Wake Up by Rage Against the Machine

This tune gets Yankee Stadium rocking. Most RATM songs are great pump-up songs, but this is probably the best one. From the guitar solo intro to the super intense vocals, this is pretty much a perfect choice.

3. Kenley Jansen, LAD –– California Love by 2Pac

This is another song that gets the entire stadium grooving. Additionally, it’s a good thing when the ballpark can sing along to the song as well. Excellent choice by Jansen.

2. Josh Hader, MIL –– Renegade by Styx

This might have some bias in it because it’s coming from a Steelers fan, but this is great for an entrance. This song will always get a stadium rocking, regardless if it’s at Heinz Field or Miller Park

1. Sean Doolittle, WAS –– For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica

Now this, is a perfect entrance song. The bells at the beginning are reminiscent of Hells Bells, and then it transitions into a classic Metallica guitar solo. If this doesn’t pump you up, you may want to have your pulse checked.


Closers nowadays choose a wide variety of entrance songs, from rap to heavy metal. However, there are only a select few that make for truly great entrances.

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