OTH Wrestling Fan: Michael Watkins

OTH Wrestling Fan Michael Watkins and his buddy Dave at RAW Philadelphia WrestleMania. Row 3 seats!

We are back for another segment of OTH Wrestling Fans!

A place where we get to share great stories from wrestling fans around the world.

Today we meet up with Michael Watkins, the co-host of the Section 247 show, who currently resides in New Jersey and has been a wrestling fan for over 30 years.

How He Got Into Wrestling

As we mentioned in the intro, Michael has been a wrestling fan for over 30 years, and he has to thank his good friend Michael “The Doc” Lipinski for that.

(They have both been wrestling fans for the same period of time.)

It all started in 1995, the scene, high school, Doc was a big wrestling fan, and if Michael wanted to go over to his house, they only had two options:

Play with wrestling action figures or play Tecmo Bowl!

“As we got older, I would go over to his house for Wrestlemania Parties, and we would watch and he would break everything down!”

Besides, in high school, in order to make friends, Michael had to watch wrestling religiously, so his fandom grew even more by the day.

“If you didn’t watch Nitro or Raw on Monday Night, you would be lost during lunch on Tuesday.”

However, not all the credit is owed to “The Doc”, as Shawn Michaels was the one who made Michael really fall for wrestling.

“His way to antagonize and back it up was impeccable. That, plus his time in DX, just solidifies it all for me.”

Michael also confesses how he was scared of the Undertaker:

“Every time those lights went out and he would enter the ring…. That was some scary stuff!”

“But getting to see it live still gives me chills every time I think about it.”

His Family + Doc + Wrestling

Michael is one of those lucky people in the world who found his soulmate, who also turned out to be a wrestling fan.

“I was very fortunate when I met my wife, as she also grew up watching wrestling like me.”

She had two older brothers, who would put on matches in their basement.

“When we first started dating, we got to see Wrestlemania 28, Rock vs Cena, at her parents’ house, it was very cool!”

Wrestling was actually the way that both of them bonded, and still do, as they try to watch every major PPV together.

“It actually is a way for all of us to get some quality family time!”

As far as his friend “The Doc”, Michael considers him his little brother.

Not everything was sunshine and rainbows from the start, as they actually hated each other growing up:

“We went to the same grade school and played Pop Warner together, but since we hated each other, we would go at it all the time.”

“His father was the coach and he used to say that we would eventually like each other whether we liked it or not.”

They did drift apart for a couple of years, with both of them getting married and starting families, but:

“Since we started our show almost two years ago, we started texting regularly and disagreeing with each other.”

“It is like we are ten and nine-years-old all over again!”

Favorite Memories/Moments

Michael had the privilege of watching two of the best wrestlers of the moment in A.J. Styles and Kevin Owens during a house show.

It is one of his favorite matches of all time, and it was during the Summerslam tour:

“It was my favorite because I brought a couple of friends with me that had never seen a live show before, and that made them become fans as well!”

One of his favorite memories was actually work-related, as his company had tickets to Raw Philadelphia.

However, only the top five guys from the company would be getting tickets to the show.

Unfortunately, Michael was not in the top, but closer to seven or eight.

“I wasn’t mad that I couldn’t go, as I knew the other guys deserved it more.”

But things always look up when you least expect them right?

Throughout the day, Michael kept playing walk-out music to hype the guys that were going to the event.

Suddenly, one of them approached Michael, and just handed him his ticket.

“I used to keep toy belts in my cubicle and a Nexus armband, so they knew I was a big wrestling fan, but I wasn’t expecting it!”

“I hugged him immediately and thanked him for the ticket!”

In regards to current favorite wrestlers, he really loves to follow Chris Jericho and Charlotte Flair.

“The way Jericho has reinvented himself over the past twenty years is remarkable! He is a creative genius!”

“Charlotte, in my opinion, is the best talent in WWE right now. Her mic work goes a long way and she does a great job of letting everyone know it.”

Final Wrestling Thoughts

As I usually tend to do, I will let Michael share his opinion on the current state of wrestling in his own words:

“I think wrestling is in a good state right now!”

“Competition never hurt anyone, and with the start of AEW, wrestling could go back to what it was in the mid to late ’90s.”

“I’m a firm believer that competition drives a better product and I am hoping that’s what happens here.”

Comments About the Royal Rumble:

“I enjoyed the Rumble. One of my favorite events that WWE puts on every year.”

“Very excited to see Drew McIntyre more and show the talent he has always had come to the forefront.”

“Also excited to see what they do with Edge!”

“But most of all, as you already learned, I am a fan of Charlotte so I can’t wait to see who she squares off against.”


“I really wish they would have stuck with just PPV’s, I think it creates more buzz and competition for the big company that way.”


“NXT is the future, or should I say, Triple H is the future!”

“Consistent great storylines and Take Over shows. I don’t see this as a developmental organization anymore.”


“Overall wrestling is a big piece of my life. It has kept a friendship for 30 years. It made it easier for me to know my in-laws and it had also helped me bond with coworkers.”

“We still have one final piece to the puzzle, and that is to teach this guy, everything there is to know about wrestling.”

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you enjoyed our time with Michael Watkins as much as we did.

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