Starling Marte: The Newest Outfielder for the DBacks

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Hazen Making Deals

On Monday, January 27, 2020, the DBacks made a trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Arizona Diamondbacks traded two of their prospects for outfielder Starling Marte, the missing piece needed in the outfield offensive and defensive wise. Is Starling the perfect piece of the puzzle for this goal-driven team?

Starling Starting Outfielder

Marte will more than likely be taking over centerfield in the Dbacks lineup. Starling will be paired up with David Peralta and Kole Calhoun, which leads to Ketel Marte heading back to his infielder position. Could this be the beginning of a triple threat group in Arizona? Starling adds a much needed at-bat as well as defense that is needed within this team.


Starling Marte comes into Arizona with a .295 batting AVG, .342 OBP, and an .845 OPS. The 31-year-old player had 539 AB with 97 runs, 159 hits, and 23 home runs including 82 RBIs. Quite the resume for this Dominican player. Definitely a good addition to the 40-man roster.

The Fire of the Starting Lineup

The DBacks adding Starling to their roster it means the potential Opening Day Roster includes players like Ketel Marte, Eduardo Escobar, Christian Walker, Nick Ahmed, David Peralta, Kole Calhoun, and Carson Kelley. Whoa! Quite the line up taking a look at it. Mike Hazen may have traded two prospects for this player, but Starling may come in handy.

Starling Star Stats

Starling placed 10th in triples and 16th in runs in the National League. Combined with Silver sluggers like Peralta and All-Star Ketel Marte, it is the making of an interesting 2020 season. Marte does not only bring game to the team but also a sense of leadership due to being a veteran.

The Hunger for the Playoffs

By adding a veteran to this team, it brings in much-needed stability in the offense. Although the team carries an immense amount of talent, it is all about leadership and the way it flows the team throughout the upcoming season. It is too early to tell if the trade will make a huge impact on the team, but it is safe to say that this is only the beginning for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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