Thank You, Kobe – Remembering Mamba

“Be sad, Be mad, Be frustrated. Scream. Cry. Sulk. When you wake up you will think it was just a nightmare only to realize it’s all too real.” – Kobe Bryant wrote on Instagram after Gordon Hayward’s devastating injury. Little did Kobe know, he would be guiding all of us through the first stage of grief of his own passing. No one wanted to believe it was true, asking one another if it was fake news. Sadly, it was true. Kobe is no longer with us. While the city of Los Angeles, the game of basketball and the whole world is still mourning, I want to say thank you, Kobe. Thank you for all the memories, lessons and inspiration.

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Fans mourn outside of Staples Center.

Every generation has seen players that transcend the game of basketball and become superstars. Real-life superheroes. The 1980s had the Magic-Bird rivalry. Jordan took over and dominated the 1990s. Subsequently, the 2010s belong to LeBron James. However, for my generation, growing up in the 2000s meant watching and idolizing Kobe Bryant.

Kobe The Basketball Legend

Without a doubt, what Kobe did on the basketball court was jaw-dropping: Winning the dunk contest with style. The championship three-peat. The scoring titles. Dropping 81 points in a single game. The MVP season. Dunking on anyone, and everyone who dared stand in his way. Mamba Mentality. The buzzer-beaters and game-winners. Scoring 61 in Madison Square Garden (my mom was there and I’m still jealous). Not flinching. Throwing the ball off the backboard to himself. Claiming back-to-back Finals MVPs. Winning Gold for team USA. Staying on the floor to hit two free throws with a torn achilles. Inspiring us all to yell “Kobe” when throwing away paper. The 18 All-Star games, 15 All-NBA teams, 12 all-defensive teams. Lastly, having the most memorable final game in sports, putting up 60 points. For all of these highlights that will live on forever, Thank you, Kobe.

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Kobe, NBA Champion
Kobe Continued Greatness After Retiring

Impressively, after his playing career Kobe started the second half of his life. He opened the Mamba Sports Academy training centers to inspire the next generation of athletes. Meanwhile, Kobe bought the Mamba Mentality from the hardwood to the boardroom. He began his career as a business mogul. In 2013, Kobe created a venture capitalist fund, which became Bryant Stibel & Co in 2016. After Coca-Cola bought a minority stake in BodyArmor in 2018, Kobe saw a $6-million investment become worth $200 million. Incredibly, as an investor, Kobe made more money than he did his entire NBA career. This is no surprise, of course, because with Kobe, anything less than greatness was simply not an option.

Similarly, in his post-playing career, Kobe learned the art of storytelling. Originally, he wrote a piece for the Player’s Tribune to announce his retirement titled, Dear Basketball. Poetically, Kobe describes his love of the game of basketball and how it inspired him to push himself beyond limits and beyond belief. Quickly, this was adapted into an animated short film, narrated by Kobe himself. Naturally, in typical Kobe fashion, the film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. A Five-time NBA champion, with an Oscar, Kobe is an example of being a well-round human. Not letting one aspect of life define who they are as a person. This is a lesson that reminds everyone that their greatness is endless. Thank you, Kobe.

kobe oscar
Kobe Bryant poses in the press room with the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film for “Dear Basketball,” during the 90th Annual Academy Awards on March 4, 2018, in Hollywood, California. / AFP PHOTO / FREDERIC J. BROWN
Thoughts And Prayers To The Surviving Families.

Sorrowfully, I send my deepest condolences to Vanessa and the rest of the Bryant family, as well as the families of the other passengers. Recently, Kobe had become a dedicated husband and father to four beautiful girls. Kobe always put family first. Tragically, Gianna Bryant, 13, was with him on the helicopter that went down in a fatal crash. The bond between father and daughter is being felt across the world as the tributes pour in. The tributes to both Kobe and Gianna have been plentiful and beautiful from fellow athletes, celebrities and anyone who knew the Bryants. Sadly, moments like these remind us just how fragile life can be and to cherish every minute with those we love. We are inspired to hold friends and family just a little bit tighter. For that, thank you, Kobe.

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Kobe holding Gianna.

Painfully, as the world tries to move forward without Kobe, let’s all be inspired by his legacy and harness Mamba Mentality. Find your craft, your love, your passion and commit yourself to it. Commit completely, fully and whole-heartedly because that is the Mamba Mentality. And distractions and disadvantages will come but no one will work harder. Be the first to arrive and the last to leave. That is Mamba Mentality. Take each day to improve yourself and the community around you. Lovingly, appreciate the ones you love and put them before everything else. That is Mamba Mentality. I grew up a Knicks fan but my tears are purple and gold. Thank you, Kobe.

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Thank You, Kobe

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