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Seattle NHL Team Name Leaked?

Multiple reports came out Wednesday afternoon that supposedly leaked the name of the Seattle NHL expansion team. Here are all of the details.

The first report came out from RMNB on Twitter. They are a fairly reputable source and have been correct when breaking NHL news in the past. The report stated that “The Kraken” was the name that Seattle management had settled on.

Hockey media members including Seattle Thunderbirds reporter Andy Eide would chime in dismissing the reports. As a result, fans would remain eager to see the official name unveiling from the Seattle organization.

Instead of confirming the rumors, the official Seattle Twitter account left things open-ended once again. They did not rule out “The Kraken” as the new team name instead they referenced the diversity of possible team names that the city has to offer.

Reactions from fans on the name “Kraken” were mixed. Some thought it would make for epic marketing opportunities, others disagreed. These fans felt like the “Kraken” was far too juvenile and kiddish and would not be appealing to older audiences.

So What is The Name?

The Seattle Twitter page may have clues that will give us the team’s name. Furthermore, a better source to speculate on is their actual website.

Yes… You heard that correctly. The Emerald City has yet to give it’s team a name yet it has a website. The curious thing about this website is that it has colour. Perhaps team colours?

The website features a pinkish-red banner along with a light teal. If these are in fact the team colours then we have been given a lot to work with. Furthermore, pinkish-red or a salmon is indictive of only one of the favorite names being speculated about – “The Sockeyes”.

If you had a team called the Sockeyes you would be quite foolish not to use salmon in the colour scheme.

With that being said, I don’t believe that management will settle on “The Sockeyes”.

Here’s why:

Seattle is very close in proximity to Vancouver which should lead to a rivalry between the organizations. The Canucks currently use an Orca as their logo and mascot. In the wild, Orcas literally eat Salmon. As a result, the Canucks’ PR would use this for their advantage in marketing leading up to all of their games. Additionally, Sockey Salmon just aren’t formidable fish and wouldn’t sound as imposing as other team names around the league such as the Sharks, Hurricanes or Golden Knights.

In conclusion, Seattle has yet to confirm the name of their team, but they have left clues. You can expect the speculation to ramp up until the name is officially announced.

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