The Worst Trades That Fans Have Proposed Online

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The NBA trade deadline is coming, and that means NBA fans are ready to become general managers and make moves for their favorite teams. There are plenty of trades that do make sense, but others…..Well, let’s just say they can look flat out foolish. I am not here to investigate the fan-proposed trades that make sense. I am here to pick on some of the more outrageous moves that have been proposed online on Trade Machines and on Twitter.

Before we get into this, I am not going to criticize the moves that are criminally insane, such as the ones that include star caliber talents such as James Harden, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, or Giannis Antetokounmpo. But rather investigate and critique some of the moves that fans felt to be possible for their favorite teams.

Bad Trade #1: A ‘Magical’ Idea

Do not get me wrong, I have been on the train of getting big men into Boston, but trading an All-Star caliber player in Gordon Hayward for unproven talent in Aaron Gordon and an injured veteran in Al-Farouq Aminu? C’mon Man! Gordon Hayward may opt out of his deal this offseason, but that does not mean the Celtics are going to trade him for a glorified dunker and an injured ten -year veteran who shoots a career 42% from the field.

I do not care what the projected win changes say, this deal hurts the Celtics. As a fan, you got to understand what both teams are shooting for, and swapping Hayward out for Aaron Gordon is not what the Celtics are looking for. Hayward has been an integral piece of Boston’s success, so I do not see Boston getting rid of him anytime soon.

It would be a steal for the Magic to acquire Hayward, which suggests to me that an Orlando fan submitted the deal. Getting Hayward to Orlando immediately makes the Magic a better team. But the package of Gordon and Aminu going to Boston simply will not get the deal done.

Bad Trade #2: Bledsoe goes Broadway

Eric Bledsoe has had trade rumors circulating around him this year. But, I can tell your right now that this trade? It ain’t it chief. Marcus Morris is a fine NBA player, he can knock down threes and play strong defense. But that does not warrant trading an All-NBA Defensive Guard in Bledsoe, on top of a solid role player in Ersan Ilyasova AND two first round picks. “But the Bucks are getting solid, young prospect in Frank Ntilikina.” Oh so the Bucks are going to get back a player that at best could turn into a Bledsoe-like talent? No thanks.

Sure Bledsoe could be on the trade market, but this is not a move that the Bucks should even consider.

Bad Trade Idea #3: D-Rose to Astroworld?

I have an idea, trade away the perfect stretch four to play alongside of James Harden for another guard. P.J. Tucker is the perfect fit for what the Houston Rockets try to do offensively and defensively. Offensively he can stretch the floor and create spacing. Defensively he can defend forwards or centers. But we are going to get him out of there for another ball dominant guard who struggles on defense? The Rockets already have ball dominant guards in Russell Westbrook and James Harden, so why add Derrick Rose into the mix? Is it depth? They have guard depth with Ben McLemore and Austin Rivers. Once again, recognize each team’s needs before clicking that submit button.

Bad Trade #4: Kevin Love goes to Portland, but at what Cost?

This is a prime example of recognizing team needs. The Cavaliers have drafted two guards in the past two years, so why trade for another one? They may not be the future, but seeing if Darius Garland and Collin Sexton can play together successfully should be priority number one for Cleveland. Bringing in C.J. McCollum would throw that plan out the window. Sure it is adding talent, but the Cavs should be focusing on development.

For Portland, they would be adding more depth at the forward position. But at what cost? Damian Lillard has made it clear he wants to stay in Portland for a long time, so trading away his number two option would not be the best move management could make. It may not be Portland’s year this year, but trading young talent for a veteran whos best days are probably behind him is not the move that would instill a lot of confidence for the future around Dame.

As I keep reiterating, look at the fits of both teams! Cleveland has young talent at the guard position, sure adding McCollum helps them out talent wise, but it may get cluttered at that position. For Portland, McCollum cannot be on the table if they want to build a successful future around Dame. So this trade would not be successful for either team involved.

Bad Trade #5: The Rockets Somehow get off of Eric Gordon’s Contract

First things first, getting off of Eric Gordon’s monster six year deal will be incredibly tough for Houston. He is currently 31 and will be paid until his age 37 season. So the deal that will get Gordon away from the Rockets will have to include either picks or young talent. Either that or Gordon will be salary filler in a deal for another superstar. But having him be the only piece in a deal that gets the Rockets three young, talented players who will fit perfectly in to their system? C’mon Man!

Not only will the Wizards never entertain this trade, but why would they want Eric Gordon if they were going to use this package for a deal. Thomas Bryant, Davis Bertans, and Moritz Wagner may not be enough to trade for another superstar to put next to Beal, but it will be enough to get someone better than Eric Gordon! The fact that someone clicked submit on this one is a waste of time, as something like this would be gifting the Rockets three players that fit into their system for the mistake they made when they signed the dotted line on Gordon.

And yeah, I understand Gordon just dropped fifty on the Jazz, but that package is still ridiculous.

In Conclusion

Every NBA fan has fallen victim to the Trade Machine. It can be a useful tool for fans to understand what it may take for their teams to make a move on certain players. And as fun as it may be to play around and see what it may take salary wise to acquire other superstars, you as the fan have to temper your expectations. Like I said it is a fun, useful tool to use, but I challenge you to put yourself in a GM’s shoes and try to make the realistic moves, rather than what you want to see.

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