The Unspoken Super Bowl Headline: Where is Alex Smith?


Where is Alex Smith? 

If my memory serves me correctly, isn’t Alex Smith on the Chiefs? Wait, oh no, of course, he’s on the 49ers…

He’s not?

Well, Where is He?

That is the question ladies and gentlemen. Where exactly is Alex Smith? He’s not on the two teams who are playing in the Super Bowl this week, but he could have been and nobody would have been the wiser. Alex Smith is a name that appears to be lost somewhere in 2018 and never spoken of again. 

This is of course because on January 30th, 2018, Alex Smith was traded into the abyss that is the Washington Redskins and signed a 4-year, $94 million contract extension with the team. Through Smith’s first nine games on the Redskins, he led the team to a 6-3 record. Imagine that; the modern-day Redskins with a winning record more than halfway through the regular season. 

The Dark Cloud Over Alex Smith

But as we all know, whenever the sun shines bright, there is always a dark cloud looming in the distance. This cloud struck the Redskins in Week 11, where Alex Smith went down horrifically with a compound & spiral fracture to his tibia & fibula in his right leg. Smith remained hospitalized for close to a month due to post-surgery complications. 

The team realized that the odds were stacked against Alex on making a return during the 2019 season, so they placed him on the physically unable to perform list. Meanwhile, the Redskins plucked a young, accurate & bursting with potential quarterback in the 2019 draft, Dwayne Haskins. They also signed Case Keenum to fill the void, while the rookie quarterback got into a groove. The season did not go as the organization planned, but it seems as the season came to a close, Haskins was finally starting to find a rhythm with the starting unit & is looking forward to what 2020 has to bring. 

Super Bowl LIV

At last, we are here. The week of Super Bowl LIV; where the two teams that Alex Smith spent the majority of his career with are playing against each other and Mr. Smith is nowhere to be found. He is most likely hanging out in his huge house in D.C with his wife, two sons & daughter, living an amazing life. But the question remains, what could have been?

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