Why the Minnesota Vikings Should Take a Cornerback in the First Round


Hello and welcome to part one of my four-part article series, where I’ll cover why the Minnesota Vikings need to take a cornerback, and who they need to take.

Let’s start off with the plain and simple fact that all Minnesota Vikings fans need to realize. To some this fact has been known for a while, and to some, they refuse to accept it. The fact of the matter is that Xavier Rhodes has got to go. He is a mediocre, washed up, has-been cornerback. 

The biggest reason for this is because Rhodes only had 6 pass deflections this season, which ties for 115th overall. Defensive Tackle Cameron Heyward of the Pittsburgh Steelers also had 6 pass deflections. The difference between these two players is the fact that we are paying Rhodes 10 million dollars to defend passes and he has just as many as a Defensive Lineman.

In this four-part article series, I will be evaluating and then re-evaluating guys that I think would be an instant boost to the Vikings secondary.

#1. Bryce Hall

Let’s start off with my first choice, Bryce Hall.

Bryce Hall is built differently than any other cornerback I’ve ever seen. In my personal opinion, I think he looks like Khalil Mack mixed with Kam Chancellor. Hall is quick and can get to the quarterback before anybody even bats an eye. When he isn’t going for the quarterback, you can find Hall sticking to receivers like white on rice. In tapes that I’ve watched, Hall will sacrifice himself while making acrobatic plays to bat the ball away. 

The only negative thing I can say about Hall is that due to his size, he isn’t the fastest cornerback in the draft class. However, what he lacks in speed, he makes up in the sheer strength this man will use to bring down the quarterback.

#2. Jeff Gladney

Minnesota Vikings

Remarkable foot speed should allow him to mirror almost any receiver at the next level. He clearly stays in control while transitioning and flipping his hips; a gifted athlete who has the goods. Balance isn’t easily taken out from under him by even the most fleet-footed of guys. His frame is a tad thin, although he is proportioned very well for a cornerback. Jeff Gladney is great at making quick adjustments and snapping towards the point of action. Lateral agility allows him to both stay on top of his man in coverage and escape when switching into run defense mode.

Gladney’s backpedal isn’t textbook; he doesn’t get a ton of depth with his steps. Although he makes quick moves, they don’t look all that smooth with his adjustments.

Overall I think either of these guys would be an excellent addition to the Vikings already stellar defense. And keep an eye out for parts 2-4 in the coming months before the draft.

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