A Farewell to Kobe Bryant From Boston

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I didn’t even know where to start with this one. As a loud and proud Bostonian you’d probably expect me to have had disdain for Kobe Bryant during his career. However, for me, and I think a lot of Boston, it was quite the opposite. I never had anything but respect for him, even when he was killing my own team in the Finals. Of course that’s just what Kobe did, he showed up when it mattered most. When the game was on the line, Kobe was at his best and that is why he’s a Champion. As I sit here writing this, I’m watching my recording of ESPN’s re-airing of his last game. In this fourth quarter…damn that really is Vintage Kobe.

kobe garden

When we look back and remember Kobe, we will always first remember the way that he played the game. The Mamba Mentality. He played the game with an incredible desire to win. Also, he played with an inspirational drive. When his undeniable talent at times you could even see him doing it off of pure will power. When his team needed a shot, then damn it Kobe was going make that shot. But besides that, I will always remember the level of class that he played the game. Also, he carried himself with class in life. Superstars aren’t often humble, but Bryant was. He was also clearly a great father to all his daughters, especially Gianna. It was truly very hard to not like Kobe Bryant.

I guess the last thing I really want to say in this farewell piece is this: even from Boston, Thanks for the memories Kobe.

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