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Bengals’ Former First Pick Offers Warning to Burrow

Former Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Carson Palmer gives warning to likely incoming Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow. He stated “That’s why I wanted out, I never felt like the (Bengals’) organization was really trying to win a Super Bowl and really chasing the Super Bowl.” Palmer also pointed out the Bengals model of success is flawed and does not work in this day and age. “Because that’s what today’s day and age is. The game today is you can’t just hope you draft well and not go after free agents and you just end up in the Super Bowl. You gotta go get it.”

Same Old Bengals

The quote that has floated throughout Cincinnati for generations is the same old Bengals. No matter who you talk to, what age they may be; that statement remains the same.  The owner of the Bengals, Mike Brown, has refused to put any money into the Free Agent Market. Cincinnati instead tries to build through the draft because it’s cheaper. They also sign washed-up free agents who are towards the end of their career rather than players who could make an immediate impact.

In 2017, the Bengals refused to pay team leader Offensive Tackle Andrew Whitworth the money he had earned. Leading Whitworth to leave a team and city that he loved to get the money he was worth. Whitworth signed with the Los Angeles Rams and earned his fourth Pro Bowl selection. He was an instrumental cog in the Rams well-oiled machine that got them to the Super Bowl.

A New Hope

There is a new hope strolling into town, a new sense of wonder and excitement; an atmosphere that hasn’t been around this city in years. LSU Quarterback and Heisman winner Joe Burrow is that new hope. There is a beautiful arrogance to the way Joe carries himself; a swagger that has been missing from this disappointing franchise since Carson Palmer was picked in 2003. Giving the fans hope and encouragement that despite the lack of competence from the owner, the Cincinnati Bengals could right the ship with this young man.

Everything looked easy for Burrow in his final year at LSU. He was knocking off ranked teams left and right without even breaking a sweat. Even in the game of the year candidate vs. Alabama, it never felt like LSU wasn’t in control. I’ve never seen a team score on a Nick Saban coached Alabama defense with such ease in my lifetime. Every time the Crimson Tide would jolt back into the game, Burrow would calmly and efficiently lead his offense down the field to extend LSU’s lead.

Burrow now owns the single-season FBS record for most touchdown passes with 60. To give some perspective on Burrow’s insane numbers, he threw an average of FOUR touchdowns per game – one per quarter. He also grabbed the All-Time passer rating record of 202, total touchdowns in a National Title game with six, and Total combined yards in the national title game with 521 yards (previously held by Deshaun Watson with 478).

Revamped Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals have some good talent on their offense. They could turn the tides rather quickly with the addition of Joe Burrow and other key pieces in the draft. The issue will be that there are not enough draft picks available for the Bengals to fill all the positions they need filled just through the draft. They will need to go out on a limb for the first time in franchise history in the Free-Agent Market and pick up a strong Linebacker and another cornerback.

The odds of the Bengals reaching out into the Free-Agent Market are extremely low. With the other major franchise in the city of Cincinnati making big offseason moves and finally spending some money, it gives Bengals fans a glimmer of hope. The Reds have added four key players this offseason and have moved to be favorites in their division for the upcoming 2020 season. The Reds also historically never spend money on Free-Agents but it’s a much different story this year. Maybe the owners of these two Cincinnati franchises are starting to see the tides finally turn against their teams because of the lack of competence shown in previous years as fans are starting to give up. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for Bengals fans. There is finally a reason to have some hope. Only time will tell if the city’s hope is misplaced.


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