Chargers 2020 Quarterback Status? It’s Complicated

Los Angeles Chargers Quarterback Philip Rivers

“With the #6 overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft, the Los Angeles Chargers select…”

Your hands are now a bit clammy. Your heartbeat is raised to an uncomfortable level. You hold your breath as you await the next few words that come from Commissioner Roger Goodell’s mouth. The next few seconds may very well change the face and direction of your franchise for a decade. Your last desperate thought remaining is, “Please Chargers, do not mess this up. We need a quarterback…”

For the past several months, you’ve seen and heard endless opinions, grades, highlights, profiles, mock drafts about this draft class, and which direction the Chargers should go.

Dadgummit, you’re invested!

There are several glaring opportunities the Chargers have in front of them to retool and refocus the roster for 2020. Although opportunities are plentiful, they find themselves in a particularly tricky situation when it comes to the quarterback position, having more questions than answers at this point.

Do they draft a quarterback in 2020? If so who!? Who will be available? What players do Tom Telesco and Co. have on their big board? With questions, speculation, and rumors swirling, fans and pundits alike are all desperate for answers.

  • What traits matter most when evaluating a franchise QB prospect?
  • What do the Chargers do with Philip Rivers?
  • Who are the top QB prospects?
  • Which QB(s) should the Chargers be targeting, and what options do we have to draft them? 
  • Prediction time – “With the #6 overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft, the Los Angeles Chargers select…”

In the first of an upcoming QB-focused series, we will dive into these pressing questions, traits, and strategies Tom Telesco and the Los Angeles front office must take into account, should they choose their next franchise quarterback.

Until then, buckle up (er, #BoltUp). This is going to be one hell of an off-season.

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