The Lakers and Cavaliers are potential trade partners


Are the Lakers and Cavaliers potential trade partners?

The Lakers and Cavaliers are perfect for a potential trade. The Cleveland Cavaliers are in the midst of a rebuild. They haven’t had a great team since Lebron James left. On the other hand the Lakers have been playing for a top seed and would like a little more star power. This is a recipe for a quality trade that benefits both teams.

Here is the potential trade situation which is rumored.

The Lakers would trade away Kyle Kuzma and Dwight Howard for Kevin Love. Due to Kevin Love’s contract their will have to be more to the trade. There would be more than 20 million dollars missing to make it a solid trade for both ends.

Sweeten the deal

in order to make this deal more logical the Lakers would need to add a first round pick and a second round pick. They don’t really have much leverage due to the Anthony Davis trade. This is where another team can jump in to cover it. A three team trade could come down to players and big cash amount to cover all three sides. There could be the Boston Celtics that could help the trade out. There could be a team that can hand over a draft pick for cash. The cards are on the table. The headliner of the trade will be Kuzma and Howard for Love.

Boston Celtics in green jerseys could be trade partners for the Lakers and Cavaliers
The Boston Celtics could be a third team in this trade situation.

At this time there is no speculation of which other team could be a trade partner. Let’s leave this rumor to the fans to speculate who would win this trade. Howard gives either team a huge rebounding presence although Love can give the Lakers the extra star power they want.

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