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Why the NHL All-Star Game is the Greatest Event Compared To All Major Sports

Over the weekend, hockey fans witnessed the traditional 2020 NHL All-Star Game. The event featured awesome competition from the greatest players representing each team. Compared to the other sports, this event is the most skillful, fast, and exciting compared to the other sports. In this post, we will review three areas where this event is the most exciting.

Skills Competition

In this event, hockey fans get a bang for their buck. They get to witness the fastest skater, hardest shooter and watch the best goalie. This is worth the price of admission in itself. The Islanders’ Mathew Barzal dazzled fans with his speed in the Fastest Skater competition, an event previously won by Connor McDavid the past three seasons.

Shea Weber clinched the hardest shot competition by shooting a puck at 105 mph. Before the event, 56-year-old Al MacInnis shot a puck at “100.4 mph”. As for goaltending, Jordan Binnington showed the fans his flashy style of play. All in all, this is just as good or better than the All-Star Game.

The Other Sports

Compared to the other sports, this game is fast, hard-hitting and exciting. Baseball’s Home Run Derby does not even come close to this event. With the cheating scandals going on, the popularity is dwindling.

The Pro Bowl, for example, is held a week before the Super Bowl. This event is probably the least favorite of all. Fans are pumped up for the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl is meaningless.

In basketball, the NBA has the Slam Dunk Competition. Once again, this event is just one event, unlike the NHL All-Star Game.


The NHL fanbase has had a loyal following throughout the season. Some fans prefer to watch other events. Hockey fans crave for the All-Star Game and Skills Competition.

Overall, the NHL All-Star game is by far more entertaining. Fans love the hard-hitting and fighting. Players like Brad Marchand have reputations of spending more time in the penalty box than on the ice. Fans can also witness up and coming stars.

Turning Point

Like most All-Star Games, this event is the turning point of which teams are serious enough for the Finals. It is also a time where fans can appreciate their favorite players. This year, the Pacific defeated the Atlantic in a 5-4 win. Boston Bruins forward, David Pastrnak, was the game’s MVP.

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