Damian Lillard is taking over the league


Damian Lillard a man on a mission

Damian Lillard is Portland Trailblazers’ prized possession at point guard but has not been rated as well as he should be. In the past 10 games, he has exploded with elite performances. He has even out played all the players that are in MVP conversations.

Lillard’s stat sheet is looking insane in the last 10 games. He is averaging 41.6 points a game with the high being 61 points against Golden State. Plus 9.3 assists per game in that time frame. He is also shooting over 52% from the floor which is great for a guard.

After the 10 game stretch Damian Lillard is having the best season in his eight years in Portland. For the season so far he has 29.8 points a game, 7.9 assists per game, and shooting 46.3 % from the floor.

MVP candidate?

The statistics that Damian Lillard is possessing lately should get him into the MVP conversation. Along with his stats he has been the staple of alot of game winning shots. When the game is on the line he wants the rock. He has all the accolades of an MVP but will he ever get the Trailblazers to a ring.

The Portland Trailblazers in recent decades have not done well enough to put a trophy team together. Without more star talent around him he will never get an MVP or a ring. One of the best talented underrated point guards in the game would be better playing somewhere else. Maybe that statement was out of bounds to Trailblazer fans but ownership should help this phenom out.

Will the Trailblazers be enough

Last season the Trailblazers found themselves deeper into the playoffs then they are used to. This season the Trailblazers find themselves trailing to get in to the playoffs. With the win they are now 23-27. They are only 1.5 games from grabbing the 8th seed in the playoffs

Portland could make a clear run for the playoffs. The season is halfway over. Damian Lillard needs to lead this team to a top four seed and dominate in the playoffs before we can truly talk MVP. Other than that he is just a team MVP and not a league MVP.

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