Heat Express interest in Danilo Gallinari

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As the trade deadline looms closer the Miami Heat reportedly have expressed interest in acquiring Danilo Gallinari. This report comes from Zach Lowe who mentioned Miami as a potential suitor for Gallinari’s services.

This is interesting because Miami is a team that is still trying to find its identity come playoff time. Will they put assets on the table to make a move they believe puts them into immediate contention, or stand pact with their current roster possibly realizing they are still maybe a year or two away.

Gallinari’s deal is expiring which means more than likely his services will be a rental for a couple months. The Heat more than likely will not jeopardize their chances of making a big name free agent splash in 2021. My best guess is that a deal between these two teams starts with Miami putting Justise Winslow on the table. OKC already owns multiple first round picks from Miami which complicates this even more.

My thoughts

I love Danilo Gallinari as a player but based on the high possibility of this being a two month rental I don’t believe this pushes Miami to the next level. Losing an asset like Winslow for a rental could harm any future plans of bigger deals. The Miami Heat have many young assets but most considered untouchable such as Bam Adebayo. I wouldn’t be surprised if you also hear Steven Adams name thrown in as Miami has struggled with interior defense and rebounding. It will be very interesting to see how the next couple days play out as rumors begin to pick up ahead of Thursday’s deadline.

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