What Quarterback Traits Matter Most to Chargers Fans?


A franchise quarterback is the single most valuable position in all sports. Teams spend decades in search of them, oftentimes failing. Patrick Mahomes, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Lamar Jackson are all elite franchise quarterbacks with elite traits. It should come as no surprise that every one of these players was on contending teams throughout this year’s playoff run. Not to throw fuel on the fire, but the Chargers went 5-11 this season…

The Cleveland Browns, on the other hand, have had 28 different starting quarterbacks since 2000(!). Teams without are maniacally focused and desperate to find one. 

As we march towards the 2020 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Chargers, find themselves in a complicated quarterback situation. Even with Philip Rivers at the helm (for now), the Chargers are searching for their next franchise quarterback. 

This year’s quarterback draft class is incredibly deep, with several different styles, personalities, and attributes to choose from. But what translates to NFL success? What traits matter most when evaluating a franchise QB prospect?

What Quarterback traits matter most to Chargers fans?

In a recent discussion I had with L.A. Chargers fans, I asked this very question. From leadership to release, quality of competition to maturity, intelligence to toughness, responses were all over the place. But of the dozens of traits #BoltUp fans provided, common responses rose to the top.

Top 5 most desired quarterback traits (according to Chargers fans)
  1. Intelligence (10)
  2. Accuracy (8)
  3. Mobility (7)
  4. Arm talent (4)
  5. Decision making (4)

Focusing on the Chargers options at quarterback solely through the lense of what Chargers fans themselves want most, we can begin to develop a tactical approach to the evaluation of this draft class.

Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, Jordan Love, Jacob Eason, Jake Fromm, Jalen Hurts, and Anthony Gordon are all talented prospects that each bring their own set of skills, style, and intrigue.

What traits do these top QB prospects showcase? Which can they improve on? Which of these players show the most promise of being a franchise quarterback in the NFL?

These questions will be exactly what we tackle next…

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