NBA Notable Plays of the Week: 01/26 – 02/01.


In these notable plays of the week videos, I plan on selecting a couple of plays from the past week, day, or month that may have fallen off the “Top 10” radar and breaking down what makes them particularly notable.

Celtics Vs. Heat Zone

During the recent Heat/Celtics game, the Miami Heat broke out what seems to be a 4-1 zone with Bam Adebayo as the lone defender in the paint. While Miami has shown great defensive cohesion in the 2-3 zone, this is the first I’ve seen of this 4-1 variation. To beat it, the Celtics placed two players in the paint, and instead of swinging the ball around the perimeter, Marcus Smart throws it directly to Semi Ojeleye who touch passes to Daniel Theis. Even though he gets dunked on, Adebayo showcases his defensive flexibility.

Rudy Gobert‘s Screen Assists

Recently, Jazz analyst David Locke was ripped apart for counting screen assists in a Rudy Gobert “Triple Double.” That kerfuffle aside, Gobert’s roll gravity on offense opens up the court for the Jazz’s movement-heavy offense. Donovan Mitchell takes advantage of this space to create for Bojan Bogdanovic

Zach LaVine Beats the Pacers’ Defense

Amid the criticism about his defense and consistency in losing, LaVine has been scoring the hell out of the ball. The Pacers responded by basically throwing three defenders at him whenever he drove. With a 5.5 passer rating, LaVine is okay at setting up his teammates. While Chandler Hutchison‘s well-timed cut creates the shot, LaVine’s patience is impressive.

Jimmy Butler: Marathon Man

Currently, Butler is shooting 24.3% on threes. As a perimeter player, this usually spells doom for a team’s spacing. However, Butler counteracts this by doing his best Reggie Miller impression by running. A lot. Right now, he is 12th in the league in miles run per game on offense at 1.42, and he is in the 94th percentile on plays where he cuts. After Adebayo draws Evan Fournier‘s attention, Butler follows up his sprinting cut with quick turn back to the basket. He gets an open dunk out of it.

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