Big Men the Rockets Can Add By the Trade Deadline

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After the biggest trade deadline NBA fans have looked forward to in almost 20 years, the Houston Rockets added the defensive wing they have coveted. To do this they had to give up their only legitimate big man sending Clint Capela to the Atlanta Hawks. It was also announced after the trade was made public the Rockets have up to 12 million dollars they can add to this current deal.

This, of course, can go to adding a replacement at the center spot. The big question is if Tillman Fertitta is willing to go back over the tax threshold. The Rockets are currently under the tax line. The trade deadline isn’t until Thursday at 2 P.M. central time. This is a few centers the Rockets can still add to this trade to upgrade the center spot.

Possible Trade: Richaun Holmes 6’10” 235 lbs

2 yr(s) / $9,772,350

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Richaun Holmes is having the best year of his career for the Sacramento Kings. Averaging career highs in points, rebounds,blocks and minutes played. At 6-ft-10 Holmes possess the size and length the Rockets sorely lack after the Capela trade. Holmes also bring the defense prescence the Rockets will need as we get deeper into the season. Luke Walton spoke about Holmes defensive abilities.

”He’s been impressive all year. … He’s kind of been one of the main points with our defense turning around where it has from the start of the season to now,” Walton said. “We have all the confidence in the world in him at the end of games, during the games, against bigger players, against fast, quick guards, so he’s impressed us all.”

With a reasonable salary that will keep the Rockets under the tax threshold and two years still left on his contract Holmes would be the perfect fit for the Rockets. The Kings are looking to the future so they maybe willing to part with the big man before the deadline.

Possible Trade: Alex Len 7’1″ 250 lbs

2 yr(s) / $8,510,000

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Alex Len is another big men who is on the trade block because his current team is looking more toward the future. Len isn’t going to play heavy minutes as he typically plays up to 20 minutes a game. He will provide you with length and the ability to play above the rim. Len would be more matchup based for instance if the Rockets matchup with the Lakers or Denver Nuggets. Again he is another player on a reasonable contract that will still leave you room to make other moves in the buyout market.

Aron Baynes 6′ 10″ 260 lbs

2 yr(s) / $10,646,880

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Aron Baynes is in the midst of the best season of his career. Career highs in points, rebound, and assist Baynes has been a pleasant surprise for the Suns. For a team like the Rockets who are a heavy pick and roll team could use a player like Baynes who is one of the best pick setters in the league. Another added bonus with Baynes is that he is a .333 percent shooter from downtown on almost four attempts per game. He can also guard the like of Nikola Jokic and Joel Embid if the Rockets decide to switch from time to time from their small-ball lineup.

The Rockets even after this trade are more than likely not done dealing. With a deadline of Thursday at 2 CT to use the up to 12 million dollars they currently have the question that is out there is will Fertitta let Daryl Morey make a deal that may push the Rockets over the top?

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