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David Johnson Should Reunite with Bruce Arians

David Johnson might need a new team. The new coaching staff of the Arizona Cardinals is tired of waiting for him to shine. Since coming back from a season-long injury, the last two seasons haven’t been up to expectations.

David Johnson in home red jersey.
The Arizona Cardinals are not willing to wait for DJ’s greatness to come back.

Arizona Will Have to Cut Their Losses

The Arizona Cardinals are expecting to move forward without David Johnson’s services. DJ had a contract extension in 2018 which will cause a problem due to a dead cap. The dead cap is 16.2 million dollars just this season.

David Johnson Next Possible Destination

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers should be the best possibility for David Johnson. Former Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is now the head coach for the Buccaneers. Bruce knows how to use Johnson’s talent and besides they do need a talented running back. This would be the ultimate reunion and a crucial piece that the Buccaneers have been missing.

DJ’s 2017 season was his best season and Bruce Arians wants that guy back.

Will David Johnson Fit into Tampa Bays’ Budget?

In order for this to work obviously the Buccaneers need to have the cap space. They do have nearly 80 million dollars in cap space. They also have 24 pending free agents. The top two free agents are quarterback Jameis Winston and outside linebacker Shaquille Barrett. Together their market value equals 43 million dollars a year. The market value for David Johnson would be around his current contract of 13 million dollars a year. This would be cutting it close. They would still need room for allotted rookie salaries and any other pending free agents.

Stay tuned to see when the Cardinals do in fact let DJ go. It looks like Arians has the cap space to pull this off.

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