Potential Buyouts that the Rockets Could Bring In


With the trade deadline behind us contending teams will start to look at the buy out market. Teams that are already out of the playoff race will look to unload salary if possible. The Rockets could not land a center during the trade deadline after trading away Clint Capela. Even if they plan to stick to “small ball” the rest of the season they will still need a legitimate big man in certain situations. The Rockets still have a part of the mid-level exception left to use( part was used to sign Chris Clemons). These are the potential buy out candidates that could help the Rockets.

Possible Rockets buyout target: Bismack Biyombo

2 yr(s) / $5,754,630

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Bismack Biyombo is actually closer to the current Rockets in height. Biyombo stands 6’8, but has a wingspan that stretches out to 7’6. For comparison that is one inch shorter than Shaquille O’Neal. Biyombo is not going to provide you with much offense but he will provide you with above-average to at times elite defense in the post. The Hornets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and would love the opportunity to save money anywhere they can. If Biyombo is willing to give back some money he may be able to land himself on a contender. In limited minutes this year Biyombo averaging 7.5 points and 5.9 rebounds a game.

Possible Rockets buyout target:John Henson

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4 yr(s) / $48,000,000 Last year of deal

John Henson was recently traded to the Detroit Pistons as part of the Andre Drummond trade. Henson is in the last year of his four year deal. Standing at 6-ft-9 Henson averaging over a block a game in only 14 minutes a game. Henson won’t provide much offense but is a veteran who Mike D ‘Antoni could trust late in games if necessary. Also being on the last year of his deal the Pistons and Henson may be more willing to part ways.

Possible Rockets buyout target: Bobby Portis

1 year 15 million dollars

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Bobby Portis has bounced around the league since coming into the NBA. Standing at 6-ft-10 Portis would provide the Rockets with size in the paint when needed. Portis isn’t a traditional choice for center but can stretch the floor and grab rebounds at a decent rate. Portis best year was 2018-19 when he averaged 14.2 points 8.1 while shooting .393 percent from deep. Portis gives you a big body but also can still fit with the Rockets small ball philosophy.

The buyout season has turned into a quasi free agent period. Players have to be added to your roster before March 1st to be playoff eligible. The Rockets have an open roster spot and the playing time to offer a buyout candidate. They may not start for the Rockets but will fill a much needed void left after Capela was traded.

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