Whyte: Wilder’s the Most Protected and Cowardly Heavyweight Champion of All-Time


As WBC heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder prepares to meet the challenge of former 3-belt heavyweight titlist Tyson Fury, an old rival of Wilder’s has come back into his professional life in a big way.

The UK’s Dillian Whyte is making it very clear in the lead-up to Wilder’s pay-per-view bout with Fury that he should be the one up there on the main stage with the American and that he definitely wants next shot at the WBC title– a title that he’s been number one contender to since 2017.

The tough top contender has been relentless in calling out Wilder, calling him “the world’s biggest coward” and hurling other insults his way. And Wilder has definitely been hearing all the trash talk.

“[Whyte is] another guy that I consider to be the cheerleader of the division, I want to go even nastier with my words with him, but my energy is not allowing me to come up with nothing to say. That means something,” Wilder recently told ESPN.

“But y’know, this is a guy who is just a compulsive liar, he’s talking about this thing of wanting to fight me — but it’s all lies. He had multiple chances of fighting me. Just to name a few, I told him to fight [Luis] Ortiz, not only did I tell him, I gave him my word [I will be fighting next], but the WBC mandated him to do so and he didn’t. [Dominic] Breazeale said, ‘Hey, if you got a problem with the mandatory spot, fight me for the mandatory spot and that’ll get you in there.’ That was another one and he declined every last one of those things. I can go even farther but there ain’t no sense of wasting time on him.”

Whyte was quick to issue a comeback.

“Deontay Wilder needs to relax and behave himself,” Whyte told Sky Sports. “The WBC need to speak to him, because I’ll start publishing documents and then he’ll be really embarrassed.

“I’ll actually publish WBC documents showing that I requested and accepted these fights and I’ve agreed to these fights – and everyone knew. I was mandated to fight Breazeale and Tyson Fury at my insistence. We made the fight with Breazeale and the WBC pulled him out to fight Deontay Wilder. How can he say I didn’t want to fight Dominic Breazeale?

“I want to fight Deontay Wilder, that’s who I want to fight,” said the 31-year-old. “I don’t care about no one else, apart from him, and he needs to stop being a coward. I’ve got a better resume than him. I’ve beaten more world champions than him. I’ve been ranked No 1 challenger since 2017, before his first fake mandatory against Bermane Stiverne, and I’ve been trying to chase him for a million days now.”

Assuming Wilder gets by Fury, Whyte wants to make it clear that he’s next in line and that his challenge can’t be avoided. He clearly has little respect for Wilder and he aims to expose him while taking the title from him. 

“He says I’m garbage, he says I’m a liar, he says I’m a phony,” Whyte said. “He says this and that, but then he doesn’t want to man up to fight me and just cherry-picks easy defenses and his own mandatories. He’s the most protected and cowardly heavyweight champion in the history of the sport.”

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