Myles Garrett Visits Goodell About Reinstatement

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On Tuesday, Myles Garrett was in New York at the NFL offices for his meeting. Garrett was going to sit down with Commissioner Roger Goodell to start the process of reinstatement. We will talk about what has happened since the appeal was upheld.

The appeal decision

So, we got to this point in the process because the NFL arbitrator upheld the “indefinite ” suspension that handed down to Garrett after the home game verse Pittsburgh. Since then, all has been quiet on his front. He did make some visits in an unofficial role at some events with other Browns players. The most notable was the Thanksgiving meal he helped serve with Baker Mayfield and other players.

Myles with his dog Gohan

Before the end of the season, Myles had been allowed back into the team facility. He was able to be around the guys again, but could not practice or attend meetings. This was a welcome surprise and seemed to lift the spirits of the Browns players. This offseason, there are videos out there of him in the weight room being a monster. He is one of the best young talents on the defensive side of the ball. Hopefully, they see that six games were enough, and Myles comes back sooner than later.

What Garrett means to the Defense

Myles is the lifeline and catalyst to not only the defensive line but also how long the secondary needs to cover. Before his suspension, Myles had ten sacks and one of the highest pressure rates in the NFL. The offenses had to account for him with extra blockers in their passing sets. He was getting double-teamed and chipped all game long to slow him down. Before the incident against the Steelers, Garrett had himself one heck of a game and was consistently beating one of the best tackles in football.

Myles Garrett reinstated will be crucial to how Joe Woods is going to run this defense. He is keeping the 4-3 concept, so having Myles there to anchor the d-line and provide pressure is critical. The Browns might try and find a compliment this offseason that can create more pressure than what Olivier Vernon did or Emmanuel Ogbah before him. The Browns have a little work to do on this side of the ball. They have to figure out if they’re going to keep Joe Schobert and Damarius Randall. If not, then they have two major holes to fill with either a Free Agent or in the draft.

Updating the coaching staff

The Browns have continued to fill up their coaching staff since the Joe Woods article. Position coaches are starting to fill in, starting with tight ends coach will be Drew Petzing. He worked with Head Coach Kevin Stefanski in Minnesota.

On 2/10/20, defensive backs coach Jeff Howard was announced as joining the staff. Howard worked with Stefanski and Defensive coordinator Joe Woods in Minnesota in 2013.

Defensive line coach Chris Kiffin came to the Browns from the 49ers after Woods was hired.
Linebackers coach Jason Tarver was just announced as well. Tarver was the defensive coordinator for Vanderbilt.

And last but not least, T.C. McCartney was named offensive assistant. McCartney was the Denver Broncos quarterbacks coach. This will be his second stint with the Browns. He was on the staff when Kyle Shanahan was the offensive coordinator.

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