10 Oddly Wonderful Manny Pacquiao Products

What can you say about Manny Pacquiao that hasn’t already been said? After world titles in eight different weight classes and marquee victories over several current or future Hall of Famers, the Filipino icon has established his legacy as not only one of the most accomplished fighters of all-time, but also one of the most beloved sports characters in the world.

So, is it any surprise that the future first ballot Hall of Famer would have endorsements galore and inspire merchants and business people across the world to create their own Manny Pacquiao tribute items?

Here’s just a partial list of the oddest/coolest Pacquiao products ever available for public consumption:

10 Oddly Wonderful Manny Pacquiao Products

The Pacquiao Pizza

pacquiao pizza

While Manny has had endorsement deals with Pizza Hut, an enterprising young Filipino pizza person created his own Pacquiao-worthy creation. To commemorate Pacquiao’s bout with Lucas Matthysse, Nestor Cabradilla, working in Trinidad and Tobago, baked a caramelized onion and cheese pizza which outlines Pacquiao’s face.

The Pacquiao Sandwich

pacquiao sandwich

If the pizza above didn’t make you hungry, how about this Manny Pacquiao-inspired sandwich from The Worthy Kitchen in Woodstock, Vermont? It’s billed as a “Triple Decker Filipino Style Pork Belly, Adobo Pork Burger with American Cheese and Spicy Manila Slaw.”

The Pacquiao Adult Coloring Book

pacquiao coloring book

Want something to do while you’re wolfing down that triple-decker Manny-wich? How about cracking open some Crayolas and doing some adult-level coloring?

The Pacquiao Hotel

pacquiao hotel

Want to sleep off that food and coloring binge? There may be some vacancies at the Roadhaus Manny Pacquiao Hotel in Manny’s hometown of General Santos City.

The Pacquiao Condominiums

pacquiao condos

If you’re looking for some more permanent housing, you may want to look into a Pacquiao-designed “high quality and affordable” condominium in Manila.

Pacquiao Cryptocurrency

pacquiao crypto

…and to buy the condo, maybe you could pay with the multi-division champ’s very own cryptocurrency.

The Manny Pacquiao Cake

pacquiao cake

When you close the deal on your Pacquiao condo, paid-for with Pacquiao cryptocurrency, you could celebrate with your very own Pacquiao chocolate cake, just like the one created by the cake artists at The Bunny Baker cafe in suburban Quezon City.

The Manny Pacquiao Action Figure

pacquiao action figure

One’s never too old to whip out some cool action figures and play-act some boxing adventures after binging on chocolate cake in your new condo, right? How about this Pacquiao-Marquez playset? You could relive Pacquiao-JMM 1, 2, and 3 (but not 4).

Pacquiao Underwear

pacquiao underwear

Would it be weird if you were wearing Manny Pacquiao undies while playing with your action figures? Yeah, it probably would be.

The Pacquiao Face Mask

pacquiao mask

And if you get the sniffles from a decadent run through Pacquiao-influenced products and services…you could always put on the Pacquiao face mask to keep yourself warm and prevent your teeny-tiny Pac-germs from spreading about.

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Pacquiao Products

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