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Caged Steel Issue a Five Figure Contract to Pro-MMA Fighter Adam Bramhald

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2020 is set to be a lively, and pretty major year development wise for ​Caged Steel​. Not only for its devoted fanbase but for its spirited fighters too! 2020 sees the arrival of ​Caged Steel​’s ‘Golden Contract’ – a quintessential incentive for its highly acclaimed athletes. ​Caged Steel​ are seeking prospects within the Pro-MMA​ ranks that want to collaborate with their promotion through marketing and ticket sales.

“When ​Caged Steel​ set out as a clothing and fightwear company selling products all over the world – the motto was, ‘made by fighters for fighters’. I want to keep that mantra going within the company by supporting fighters that we can work together with and build something special. I want to support the fighters that are working with us. This contract definitely does that.” – Dominic Gibbs, CEO at ​Caged Steel​.

The First Golden Contract

Golden Contract

The first athlete signed to the ‘Golden Contract’ is ​Adam Bramhald​ (8-2-0). Bramhald is currently the Professional European Bantamweight titleholder, and also holds a very impressive six-win fight streak! Bramhald will be making an appearance at Caged Steel’s next event – ​Caged Steel Contenders 2, on ​March 14th​​ – as one of the cards Pro Main Event fighters. Adam has performed some seriously skilled K.Os at previous shows, including that ​savage spinning elbow K.O​ back at ​Caged Steel​’s Sheffield Arena show in July! Bramhald is an especially talented and enthusiastic athlete. He’s also immensely entertaining to watch – he brings a sense of theater to the cage for every fight!

“If you’re looking for patterns in my game you’re already falling into my trap. I’m always looking for that finish. I don’t produce boring fights. First and foremost, I fight to entertain and get the crowd on the edge of their seats.”

“Signing ​Caged Steel​’s Golden Contract seems like a no-brainer to me. I know I will be getting the same level of fights I would get anywhere else, so it just makes sense to choose to fight on Caged Steel​. I’ve worked with ​Caged Steel​ right from the second fight I ever took as an amateur. The show has looked after me every time, and I know Dom and his team personally – so it’s been good to have grown together over the years. It’s a very professional promotion and one of the best shows in the country to be a part of. There wasn’t really a doubt in my mind if I wanted to sign or not – especially at this point in my career!” – ​Adam Bramhald​, Pro MMA​ fighter.

The contract will see Adam Bramhald receive an impressive five-figure payout over three fights. Who better to receive such a contract than this passionate up and coming star of ​MMA​! Dominic Gibbs wants to now work with the fighters themselves to continue to build the ever-growing empire that is Caged Steel. A strong believer in the phrase, “you get out what you put in” – Dominic and his evolving team are putting everything into the new Caged Steel projects for 2020. Watch this space!

For tickets and more information on Caged Steel’s upcoming show this March 14th, click here.

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Article originally appeared on Caged Steel, and has been republished with their expressed permission.

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