David Wilkinson – ‘I Never Expected to End Up Fighting for Titles, So I Am Just Enjoying the Opportunity’

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David Wilkinson (3-0) will take on Branden Guest (2-1) in an amateur light-heavyweight title fight on February 22nd, at Barnsley Metrodome.

Fighters Information

David Wilkinson (3-0) fights out of Body Tough MMA and has won all three of his previous contests by way of submission. He made his debut at Almighty Fighting Championship 13, against Phil bills (2-2) who he submitted with a mounted guillotine choke. His second bout was at Almighty Fighting Championship 14, against Joe Smedley (0-1). His most recent fight came at Combat Challenge 25, where he submitted Tom Tinsley (0-1) with a rear-naked choke.

The Ludus Magnus gym member, Braden Guest (2-1), will be fighting for the first time since early 2018, when he makes his Almighty Fighting Championship debut. All of his past three fights have come under the Caged Steel banner. Guest had a strong start to his career, with two stoppage victories. The first being when the doctor stopped Stanislavs Daleckis (0-2). The second of which was a first-round knockout victory over Jake Watkins (0-12). Unfortunately for Guest, he had a slip up in his last fight and lost against Tom Field (7-6), via a triangle choke.  

Wilkinson will be cutting extra weight for this fight after previously fighting at heavyweight in his last contest. It will be interesting to see if the extra weight cut has any effect on his performance. Although the weight cut may be a bit rougher than normal for Wilkinson, Guest’s last fight will have Guest confident that he can extend his run of submission victories.

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What David Wilkinson Had to Say

What was the motivation behind you starting MMA and was there a specific fighter who inspired you?

I only got into MMA to get into shape, as I have always been on the chunky side. My coach (Dave Wright), who I know personally, kept on at me to make me show up, promising to get me into shape. I am glad he did, as I am now around three and a half stone lighter and in the best shape of my life, fitness-wise.

I never actually planned to fight, but after training for a while, Dave convinced me to give it a go. So, I did and it has just all gone okay, so I have kind of just gone with the flow. As for specific fighters, I have never followed a specific fighter. I just always enjoyed watching the sport in general.

So far, three of your four fights (Including your next bout) have been for Almighty Fighting Championship. What are the main features of the promotion that keep you coming back to fight for them?

This will be my third fight for Almighty. I have also had one fight for Combat Challenge. I enjoy Almighty because there is a good atmosphere backstage. The shows always run smoothly, they have good organisation for scheduling etc, and we, as fighters, are treated with respect from the guys running the show.

How are you feeling ahead of your next fight and has the fact that it is a title fight changed how you are preparing?

I’m feeling good in the run-up to this fight. There are always a few bumps along the way, but that is to be expected. I never expected to end up fighting for titles, so I am just enjoying the opportunity and taking it as it comes, type of thing.

Nothing much has really changed preparation-wise, except I have had to lose weight for this fight. My last fight was at heavyweight, so I have used a local nutritionist/personal trainer (Marcus James PT) for this fight. He’s been a big help with that side of things. Other than that, I’ve simply tried getting more cardio in as it is a five-round fight.

How do you feel you matched up against your opponent, Brenden Guest, do you feel believe you have an advantage in a specific area and do you have a prediction for how the fight will end?

I have checked Branden out and he looks to be a well-rounded fighter. He is a bit more experienced than me and has fought more experienced opponents (no offence to any of my previous opponents obviously). I don’t believe I hold any advantages, but I know I am resilient, and I have a winning mentality. So, I know that I will be doing everything I can to win.  

I don’t have a prediction as in this game anything can happen. One move from either guy can change the course of the fight in MMA. I respect any man that steps in the cage, as it takes guts, and hard work to prepare for it all.

What is next for you after this fight?

I am not sure on what is next for me. I live in the moment, so I am taking all of this as it comes. Time will tell me what comes next. I’m not getting any younger, so I will have to see.

Where do you see your MMA career taking you in the future?

As with the previous question, I kind of don’t look ahead, I take each fight as it comes. If I get the win then I will look to defend the belt. After that, maybe turn pro later in the year.

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