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Interview with Cage Warriors’ Cory McKenna

I was recently fortunate to participate in an interview with Cage Warriors Strawweight fighter Cory McKenna, as she prepares for her next fight at Cage Warriors Birmingham, on April 18th.


JR: How old were you when you first got into MMA and how did it come about what got you interested?

CM: Whilst looking for a hobby, I found Karate at 10; through my mother already partaking in classes. After a couple years of that, I jumped in on the Boxing, Muay Thai and BJJ classes that had just been introduced to the gym. I loved each discipline and it only seemed natural to progress to MMA at 13, when I moved gyms over to BKK Fighters.

JR: What sort of experiences do you take from training with Team Alpha Male and how do you feel it’s benefited you as a fighter?

CM: Cross-training with different gyms is crucial, in my opinion, for any fighter. You get to experience so many different styles and coaching methods/views. Team Alpha Male is one of the top gyms in the world and I am ever grateful for how much work they all put into myself and my training to help me reach that world-class level.

JR: What do you feel has been your best performance to date and why?

CM: Probably my pro debut, due to the limited mistakes on my behalf, but I’m also aware that as you fight higher-level opponents, you can’t expect a pristine performance. So as long as I’m finishing fights and constantly improving I’m happy.

JR: What are your ambitions for 2020 as a fighter and how do you think you will go about them?

CM: I intend to fight at least 3x this year, finishing each fight; I will achieve that the only way I know how. By training hard under and with the best teams/coaches in the UK and US.

JR: And finally, how’s camp going into your latest fight, what can we look forward to seeing from you?

CM: Camp hasn’t officially begun due to the fight being pushed back to April 18th in Birmingham. But, I train hard and consistently all through the year – so you can expect another dominant performance in which I show everyone all the work I’ve been putting in to develop my skills. All thanks to my great coaches at Team Alpha Male, BKK fighters, CF24 Jiu-Jitsu and Amos Martial Arts.

I would like to thank Cory, for taking the time out to do this. We wish her all the best in the future.

You can keep up to date with Cory McKenna on her social media.

Twitter – @CoryMcKenna99

Instagram – corymckenna99

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